Saturday, February 8, 2020

Ends and Odds

Why is it always written the other way?

Some things that are too small to fit otherwise.

Strawberry ice cream substituting freeze-dried strawberries for the chopped fresh berries.  Since the problem with the fresh berries was the texture of the berry pieces being roughly the same as an ice cube, I figured freeze-dried has no water so no ice.  Worked great.  We had a #10 Mountain House can of freeze dried strawberries.  I made a half cup into a powder to spread the flavor, and another half cup broken up a little to add the visible berries you see on top.  Note - they're not on the Mountain House website now, so we'll have to find another source when these are gone.

And strawberry ice cream is good match to a nice rib eye. 

Lifted from The Blog.  I probably wouldn't have thought this at first glance.

A little motivational poster:


  1. We get our FD strawberries from Emergency Essentials. Like Miller High Life they taste great and are less filling.

  2. Looks good, SiG, but it's a bit too cold here for ice cream!

  3. I looked up what a home freeze drier costs and a small home machine will cost around 2K.
    That buys a lot of freeze dried food.
    I wondered if I could just make a freeze drier.
    Some amount of research later, the answer is yes, but it isn't economical.

    1. Yeah, those home freeze driers cost more than my first car. On the plus side, the freeze driers are less likely to explode in ball of flames than that Ford Pinto.

      It seems to me that with liquid nitrogen being about the price of gasoline, there might be some ways around that, but I haven't really looked into it.