Saturday, August 27, 2022

Everything You Might Have to Explain About the Artemis/SLS Launch

As we sit through the early portion of the Artemis I countdown to Monday Morning's launch, it's sucking up all the air in the space coverage.  If you find yourself in a group or with family members explaining the answers to "what's that?" questions, this may be a useful video.  Provided by Scott Manley.

The opening of the launch window is 8:30 AM Monday morning.  The forecasts I'm seeing show a high chance of rain on Monday, but mornings are ordinarily lower chances than later in the day.  The details of cloud cover and ability to see the launch are notoriously hard to get right, but it's not looking good at the moment.  For what it's worth, Weather Underground is showing around a 35% chance of rain at 9AM, with around 70% cloud cover.  The papers are saying massive numbers of people are coming for this launch with some reports of hundreds of thousands.

The conditions tonight aren't very favorable for us to see the Falcon 9 Starlink 4-23 launch at 10:22 PM, although that's only tenuously related to Monday morning's launch.  Today's forecast was similar to Monday's, but a lower chance of rain.  No rain until early afternoon and then we had plenty of rain.



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  2. I wonder what the over-under is on the launch?

  3. the grifters exposed again. my anger node is burned out over this display of corrupt incompetence

  4. What I think will be interesting to see is if Artemis 2 is even built, much less launched. With the coming market crash and ridiculous costs of the SLS boondoggle, this level of spending cannot be sustained. Period.

  5. woke up and... no launchy launch.. engine problem.. I'm shocked

  6. We were there, stuck in traffic since 3:30am when we heard the launch was delayed. Shoulda slept in. JohnnyC

    1. I bet going back on Saturday is a really exciting prospect at this point.

      I was in that boat for the first shuttle launch.