Sunday, August 14, 2022

A More Complete Look at Artemis Launch Opportunities

Weekends tend to be slow news days in the space biz, unless something cool gets launched, so some tidying up.

Last May I posted a picture extracted from the Artemis Program office's .pdf of the dates when launch windows are possible. While a small piece of a bigger schedule; July and August of this year from one showing July '22 to June '23, I can reproduce that image here:

This graphic, though, doesn't even show the rest of launch windows for the current Artemis I mission attempts.  August 29 is there, but September isn't.  When I published this, NASA was talking July 26 for the current mission. 

While this next graphic is reduced in size from the pdf, these are the remaining windows in calendar '22.  Click it to embiggen it.  By the color code, it appears that the target for this mission is the long duration mission, since their announced launch windows of Aug. 29, Sept 3 or Sept 5 are the dark green.

Since the next Artemis mission, Artemis II is currently projected to be in 2024, chances are good you won't need to see the launch windows after this graphic, although we can't eliminate the possibility until Artemis I flies.  

This post is here so that any of us can search on "Artemis Launch Windows" using the search tool in the upper left corner of the blog screen and find everything again. 


  1. (still not optimistic that this calendar shows when it will actually go up)

  2. O ye of little faith, Nasa will have to make some efforts to justify its budget soon. If a picture of a slice of chorizo will suffice to satiate the space aficionados, the Nasa budget could be repurposed to save the homeless, re educate the cis gendered or whatever else you can come up with.