Friday, October 14, 2011

Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street

There's a disturbing undercurrent of anti-semitism in the Occupy Wall Street protests - spread around the country.  Anti-semitism when talking about bankers is nothing new, it goes back hundreds of years, to a time when banking was one of the few things a Jew was allowed to do in Europe.  If it's true that "history many not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes", there's a lot of poetry going on in these occupations.  (images from PJ Tatler - which you should read) 
If you've been here before, you'll know I'm totally down with "End the Fed", but it has nothing to do with Israel, Zionism or "the Jooooooos". 
(just between you and me, check your spelling there, skipper) 
(source) this one is even less subtle.
I've written before that I stand with Israel, and I will.  We appear to be slipping into dark times.  Old hatreds are re-surfacing, compounded by a new envy and sense of entitlement.  The battle lines are being drawn.  Preparations should be rushed to completion.


  1. You know what is so ironic about this SGB? George Soros, who is an international financier and the left wing liberal who indirectly/directly funds these kooks is Jewish.

  2. True, GST, but Soros is Jewish in the sense that any Daughters of the American Revolution you know are British - he was born that way.

    He made his first batch of money selling out Jews in the Hungarian ghettos to the Nazis. It seems that Wiki piece dances nicely around that.

    Also Soros is a hedge fund manager, and a member of the uppermost .001% (guessing, but he's worth billions). You'd think they'd protest him?

  3. I'd suggest these paragons of tolerance explore the relationship between their beliefs and rhetoric and that as espoused in the infamous National Socialist propaganda movie "The Eternal Jew" -which uses a scene from the American movie "The House of Rothschild" (1934)- but I'm afraid it'll give them ideas.

  4. From what I've read, he never experienced a moment's unrest from having assisted the Nazis in rounding up his fellow Jews. Saving his own ass and floating to the top of the cesspool are his major skills. I wish I possessed enough faith to imagine him roasting in Hell for eternity.

    I wonder if these cretins would even blink if they knew their "occupation" and their "messiah", BO, are being funded by a Jew (even if his was only an accident of birth)?

  5. Um, I'm picking up a "one of these things is not like the others" vibe from sign #2. Signmaker #2 could just as easily be Jewish and criticizing from that angle as not.

    The others, certainly, problematic as all-get-out.