Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki, Gerald Celente, and Me

I'm going to go out on a limb and say you all have heard of Glen Beck's new, Internet-streamed TV channel,, right?  The format of the online show is essentially like Glenn's Fox show, but with fewer commercials (for now) - and it's two hours long.  Tonight's entire second hour was a one on one interview with Robert Kiyosaki.  Robert Kiyosaki, of course, is the author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books, and the entire cottage industry that came from the books.  Watch this show.  I understand there's a free trial membership - I'm not sure it allows looking at "on demand " shows, but it's really worth seeing the 10/5 show.  

As a celebrity known for creating wealth, Kiyosaki is widely seen on TV, and recognized for his optimistic outlook - that it's possible to obtain wealth in all markets.  In this show, he comes in agreeing with Beck.  To summarize, Kiyosaki believes that the chances of the dollar not collapsing are  "zero", and that there's about a 20% chance that the entire world goes into a depression worse than the 1930s: total, global, economic collapse.  He preaches prepping, and what he calls the "five Gs":
  • Grub  - you need food.  Lots of food.  It might take years for production to return.  Think preparations that would put Mormons (1 year) to shame. 
  • Ground - you need shelter, or someplace to go, especially if you're in a city or a place that's likely to descend into chaos. 
  • Gold - for barter.  Silver is just as valid.  So are liquor, chocolate, cigarettes, and all the other things we've talked about. 
  • Gas - fuel.  Energy is life, whether it's for cooking or boiling rain water to drink.
  • Guns - and I'm really sure I don't need to explain this one! 
In the later part of the interview, Kiyosaki says the ultimate collapse could happen tomorrow or it might be some time in the near future.  All of the necessary precursors are in place.   He also recognizes that, in large cities, violence and, open warfare are highly likely.

In a link from SurvivalBlog yesterday, Gerald Celente says in this roughly 10 minute radio interview that the ultimate collapse may occur this month.   The same SuvivalBlog link points to this Yahoo! Finance article on the collapse of the European Union with the key quote, "All roads now point to a mid-November crunch."  Yet another claims that Germany has started printing Deutschmarks, and shift to their historic currency would spell the end of the Euro.  Angela Merkel herself has said the end of the Euro is the end of the European Union. 

I titled this piece, "Robert Kiyosaki, Gerald Celente, and Me".  Where do I come in?  I've been saying these things as long as this blog has been here.  Yeah, maybe I am crazy, but I'm in good company. 


  1. Speaking of fuel for boiling water, since petroleum based fuels may become difficult to come by, and take up space and add weight to carry, consider the Kelly Kettle. I've got one and it works great for boiling water and heating food. You can scrounge your fuel almost anywhere you go.

  2. Those Kelly Kettles look pretty interesting. That's a design concept I never would have come up with!