Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Corruption is Stunning - Part III

(parts I and II)  I don't go a week without being stunned by government corruption.  The DOJ and the Gunwalker/Fast and Furious mess in one big example, "Holder Lied, People Died", and it's good to hear the pressure for a special prosecutor is building.  But there's something going on all the time: what about pressuring General Shelton to lie about Lightsquared?  What bout the FCC defying congress and the courts and implementing their net neutrality plans

By contrast, this little story from Kerodin at III Percent Patriots is minor: no one got killed, less than half a million dollars was wasted.  Judicial Watch filed Freedom of Information Act papers to determine how much was spent for Mrs. Obama's trip to South Africa this past June - $424,142.  The released information contains nuggets like this:
The passenger manifests confirm the presence of Obama’s daughter’s, Malia and Sasha on the trip. The two girls are listed as “Senior Staff.” The manifests also list Mrs. Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, and niece and nephew, Leslie and Avery Robinson, as well Mrs. Obama’s makeup and hairstylist (Carl Ray and Johnny Wright).
I never begrudge a vacation, but isn't this like the fourth one this year?  What about all those Martha's Vineyard trips?  Exactly what does the First Lady do that warrants such a trip?  It's perfectly in character with an administration that opened with the militantly-environmentalist president setting the mid-winter temperature of the White House up to 80.  Austerity is for us, not them. 

A good mark of thoroughly dishonest person is that they lie and cheat when they don't really need to.  How much would it have cost to pay for the kids and mother to go out of pocket?  A couple of k-bucks to a family of millionaires?  


  1. Thank God this is the most transparent administration in history!

  2. Yeah - remember when he got his transparency award behind closed doors? Press neither informed nor invited.