Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Glamor Of It All

Kinda busy around here the last few days.  Nothing terrible, just enough to keep me away from the keyboard. 

If you will excuse me, I've got to go induce some pain in my hands.  If the letter/number combinations E2, movable G2 (or G2 alternate)  and Cm11 mean anything to you, you'll understand.


  1. Does this also involve a Gibson? With my Heberden's nodes, I understand the pain.

  2. RegT for the win! Yes, it does.

    The worst of the Heberden's nodes I have are on my right hand. These are torture for the left hand. The worst one on my left hand is on my fourth finger, and the end of that finger is tilted toward the ring finger. For E2 (fingering diagram), I could really use it pointed out rather than in. (it looks so innocent in that diagram...)