Friday, March 30, 2012

I Just Don't Understand

H/T to Claire Wolfe for a story about a member of the Free Sh*t Army who does something I just don't understand
An unemployed man in Austria almost died after sawing off his own foot and tossing it in the stove so he could keep his jobless benefits.
They explain he tossed his foot into the open fire of the stove to burn it up so that a doctor couldn't reattach it.   That part succeeded. 

Stupid fool almost bled to death, and they should have let him. 

That's a mindset I simply don't understand.  Pretty much any job I can imagine sounds better than cutting off, well, anything.  Then again, I'm one of those fools who gets up before sunrise to work so I can pay taxes to support guys like him, (yeah, I know he's in Austria). 

Now that he's disabled, they should give him a desk job. So where should a disabled psychotic work?  Driver's license office?  Suicide prevention hotline? 


  1. Mrs. B. suggest customer service.

    1. ...and the score after 2 hours of play is Mrs. B: 10 - rest of the world: nothing.

  2. Sports announcer.

    After all, he can speak with personal knowledge of the agony of de-feet.

  3. He could get a job stumping for the Oz Labor Party politicians who would like to get their jobs back after being roundly de-feeted in the recent elections held Down Under.

  4. Guess he wanted to make sure he couldn't get back on his own two feet and pull himself up by the bootstraps, eh? Well, this indicates a high pain tolerance and ability to function under harsh conditions, even if he isn't too bright. So... assembly line production in non-climate-controlled factory sounds about right.