Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Weekend Must Read

Back in the (relatively) slower and more gentile days many of us grew up in, the Sunday newspaper was so big it almost required our little red wagons to bring it inside.  This was the day it was filled with longer, more thoughtful articles.  In that spirit, I'm going to link to this excellent post on the TSA from a guy with 25 years in anti-terrorism.  H/T Borepatch.  Your teaser:
The report goes on to state that the virtual strip search screening machines are a failure in that they cannot detect the type of explosives used by the “underwear bomber” or even a pistol used as a TSA’s own real-world test of the machines.  Yet TSA has spent approximately $60 billion since 2002 and now has over 65,000 employees, more than the Department of State, more than the Department of Energy, more than the Department of Labor, more than the Department of Education, more than the Department of Housing and Urban Development---combined. TSA has become, according to the report,  “an enormous, inflexible and distracted bureaucracy more concerned with……consolidating power.”
Huh.  Who would have seen that one coming?  I mean besides all of us?

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  1. The backscatter photo of Janet is obviously not her. It doesn't show the anatomical reaction to the steroids she takes to enhance her masculinity. If this were a real scan of her body, it would show the part of her that sticks out like a sore cli - well, like a sore thumb.

    The old saying, "Yeah, but she's got a GREAT personality" sure doesn't apply here.

    The article by the former FBI agent was well written and informative, but doesn't tell us much we III didn't already know. It is a good article to serve up to those who have been lulled into thinking they are doing the right thing by submitting to these unConstitutional searches, though. If a former counter-terrorist agent with the FBI says TSA is worthless, they are more likely to accept it.