Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As California Sinks Farther Into Collapse

Six, over at The Warrior Class tells the story of dealing with the California bureaucracy.  You should read the whole thing. As usual, I'll tease the story a little.  He begins by telling the story that he had planned to go help a friend replace the shingles on his roof.  The state, however, has deemed that illegal:
Why? Because the ever so caring and concerned (Democrat controlled) state of California has decreed that if one replaces their own roof on their very own house they cannot be helped by anyone who isn't a blood relative who lives under that same roof.
After you ponder the wonder of that statement - that friends aren't legally prevented from helping friends - check this out:
When Car Guy went and got his permit, that he paid the very same fee as roofing companies do but that's for another post, he was informed that the city would forward his application information to the state and that said state inspectors were actively checking roofing sites to ensure compliance with their draconian rules and regulations and had in fact already issued 'several' citations. The fine? I am so glad you asked. $100,000.00.

One Hundred Thousand Dollars. Contemplate that for a moment my friends. ONE. HUNDRED. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. Minimum. Which means it most certainly will be more if the state can see any way to squeeze you for more. For having a friend help you roof your house.
As always when dealing with government, it gets worse.  You should read the piece.

I've quoted Victor Davis Hanson before on the mess that California has become.  California is in collapse, a zombie state that can't provide the minimal amount of reasonable governance, but instead of trying to create a friendly business climate, argues over outlawing circumcision and Pate de Foie Gras.   I've heard that 1000 Californians move out of the state every day, with 200 of them moving into Texas every day.  This is yet another example of why.
Flag of the People's Republic of California.


  1. Thanks for the link Graybeard. If I hadn't a;ready left Lu and I would be searching the Texas real estate ads.

  2. The really disturbing thing is, many of the people leaving California to escape the stupidity will bring a lot of that stupidity with them to wherever they land.

    Almost seems like refugees from Cali should go through a 6 month re-education process in their new state to learn what freedom is all about.

    1. I was going to sarcastically suggest Texans shoot Californians on sight, but that's not just over the top, it's wrong. The ones leaving are the ones with the sense to get out.

      Granted the ones that left a few years ago either had better sense or better circumstances that let them get out, and as time unfolds, the ones getting out might tend to do just what you say.

      I grew up in Miami as the Cubans were escaping Castro's paradise. As time went by, the ones who got out were considerably less independent and willing to work on their own. The Cubans from 1957 were far more "common sense folks" than the 1980s bunch. You'll probably get the same with Californians. California is, after all, still a capitalist state that has been taken over by socialists.

    2. Negative. A few of the ones leaving are indeed the ones smart enough to get out.
      The majority are those who are/were happy with the way things were running there, but couldn't afford it anymore, so they came here to try the same thing all over again.

      Me personally, I'm all for giving them a Rorschach test of sorts before deciding on a caliber.
      This isn't to say I hate all Californian's; I do not. I just hate the ones who move here and try to pick up where they left off.

    3. It's almost guaranteed that some will try to remake their new area like the one they left. It's another problem we had in Miami, only here I mean from the New Yorkers and other northerners who wanted to remake the area like home.

      I'm not sure how true it is, but I heard that in the 50s and 60s, doctors used to tell people to move to Arizona to get away from the pollen causing their allergies. But once they got to the new home, they missed some tree or other and had one imported, to the point where Arizona is no longer an effective refuge from northern pollens.

    4. Actually, I am sure that the part about Arizona is quite true.
      I can say that because I saw what they did to my beloved west Texas.
      Midland/Odessa is dry desert-ish. Lush fields of deep green grass don't grow there naturally.
      We got so many people from outta state over the last few years, and each of them wanted to keep the same foliage as they were accustomed to back in their home state. What they found out was that in order for anything to grow out there, they had to water the foo out of it.
      Now, mysteriously, the water supply for that area is almost dry, and the city/s have a very stringent limitation on watering. And, there' more allergens in the air.
      Imagine that.