Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Gun Day

Took the day to meet a friend down at our club rifle range.  He was sighting in a new scope on an AR, and since I haven't shot my DPMS LR-308B for a long time, it's a good excuse to go throw some 150 grain bullets down range.  It's always easy to get Mrs. Graybeard to go for a morning at the range (although when an alarm goes off on a Sunday, I seriously doubt my sanity). For reasons I can't claim to understand, she has wanted a lever action rifle for a while, and we finally settled on a Marlin 336XLR in time for a birthday present last month - this model is stainless, laminated stock, in 30-30. So she still has some time to go with the Marlin before it's second nature. 
Alarms on Sunday?  I know it was the equinox yesterday and it's officially fall, but it's still summer here and will be for a while.  Today, it was still 90 and humid at noon.  It's best to get out early and get out of the sun before it gets too bad. 

I brought my home built AR-15, too.  Didn't shoot it much, but it's nice to put cross hairs on a target at 200 yards and have it hit exactly where it's supposed to.  Yeah, I can get careless, but the gun is dialed in now, and "just works".  Friend got his AR sighted in acceptably.  We shot each others' LCP/TCP to compare them.  A moderate amount of powder was burned and a nice time had by all.  No target pictures.  Left without going back down range. 


  1. I've got a 336 in 30-30. Wonderful little rifle, and more accurate than I am.

  2. My compliments to Mrs. Graybeard on her excellent taste in rifles! The XLR models are some of the nicest levers out there. I'm curious as to your (or her) impression of the "new" Marlins. I saw some last week that looked pretty good, much better than the stuff that Remington has been cranking out up till now. If you haven't yet you should try Hornady LeverEvolution rounds, they've shot better than any other brand out of all my leverguns - very impressive groups

    I myself was out this morning as well shooting leverguns - a 1951 Marlin 336A in 32 Win Special and a Mossberg 464 in 30-30. I also had the Saiga .308 out and I'll just say that leverguns outshoot it any day of the week (and twice on Sunday). At least the weather has finally cooled off here and it was a beautiful morning to be out shooting. Hope ya'll had as good a time as I did!

    1. From my barely-knowledgeable standpoint, I think the new Marlins are nice. I mean, we just bought one, after all. I think it looks better than the one in that picture on their website.

      We have some of the Hornady LeverEvolution but haven't shot any of it, yet. We're still getting setup, and bought some soft lead nose from a local shop that sells reloading supplies, bullets and reloaded ammo.

  3. I agree about the Hornady ammo. I'm set up and scoped in to be dead nuts at 100 yards with 150 gr Winchester or Remington.The Hornady consistently hits 2" high at 100 yards, just like the box says.

    Really good stuff if you have to 'reach out and touch someone' with your 30-30!

  4. I recommend 8 grains of Unique with Lasercast (if that matters, which it probably does not) 170 gr flat nose lead bullets. My cousin's son made a 3/4" group at 50 yards with that load with iron sights.