Sunday, May 25, 2014

FN Does as FN Is

FN as in "Nucking Futs" not Fabrique Nationale. 

So some socially retarded moron in California decides because he's a socially retarded moron and no girl in her right mind would give him the time of day, that the answer is not to work on his abysmal personality (or entire lack of one), but go kill some innocent third party women (and men) who almost certainly never even spoke with said nut job.  And somehow that's our fault.  So says nut job's father - proving once again that the nuts don't fall far from the tree.  Since Sr. nut job was a movie director, Jr. nut job decided to emulate a movie.  Real balance, right there.

By the way: I never mention psycho killers' names as I firmly believe that one of the biggest reasons for their attacks is that these psychos are looking for fame.  In achieving some level of fame, they set a bar for the next psycho to try and surpass. Not that this blog gets enough readers to make even a small contribution to "fame", but just in principle I think we should ignore them. 

I think I've said before that aberrant psychology is not just uninteresting to me, but something I spend serious effort trying to avoid.  If there's one thought that I've never been able to parse into something that even remotely makes sense it's the one that seems to motivate this loser.  The dweeb apparently tried to date (proposition?) some college girls and they rejected him, so in his mind it's now acceptable to go kill anybody anywhere.  That insane leap from "person A hurt my feelings, I should avoid them" to "person A hurt my feelings, now I'm allowed to kill persons B, C, D ... and as many others as I can" just won't fit in any thought pattern I have. 

The real problem is that FN jobs like this guy are typically only obvious in hindsight, and finding them before hand virtually impossible.  Now if you want some insight into the psychology of the reactions, go read American Mercenary.

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  1. I knew some weird, dorky kids that were undergrads at UCSB and they were getting action. This kid was not bad looking, rich, and drove a BMW. He must of had NEGATIVE personality to stay a virgin for 2 1/2 years at that school.