Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Preview from Cabin Fever

Just a couple of short cellphone videos from Cabin Fever 2015.  Pardon the vertical format in this.   This set of models is just one section from one table out of an arena with perhaps a hundred such tables.

This one is landscape mode.  It's a meta model shop; that is, a model of a model shop.

The weather was a nice break for us.  Upper 30s in the morning and 60s for the highs.  We fly back into the Silicon Swamp and mid-80s tomorrow.   Given some time to go through pictures and videos, and then process them, I probably won't have anything for you until Tuesday.

It turns out, next year's show goes back to being in January and will not be held in York.  It will be in Lebanon, PA, a place it has been held before.  I hesitate to say this will be the last Cabin Fever Expo in York, PA, but it won't be here next year.  Given the size of the show, it probably has a healthy future no matter where it ends up.  


  1. Were those models on the first table being run on compressed air in place of steam, or were most of them meant to be air-powered?

  2. They're running on compressed air. Most of these are seen all over the arena and either the show or the exhibitor brings a source of air and a distribution setup.

    There are plenty of engines that run on alcohol, candles, or gasoline. Kind of eye catching to me: two different exhibitors had large fans, putting out a pretty good breeze, that were powered by little heat engines. A fan that can run on something like sterno would be a good thing to have post hurricane - or post SHTF.

  3. I've seen fans made to be placed on a wood stove, run by the heat of the stove. They are a bit "spendy". They don't look like a sterling engine, but I don't recall what was their method of operation. They aren't terribly efficient, but do move some of the hot air around.

    Not only Sterno, but perhaps from scrap wood/forest debris, like Kelly Kettles and rocket stoves.

  4. Dang...that's cool. I may have to check this out next year.