Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stick a Fork In It - It's Done

The much vaunted US Army.
Overcome by political correctness, neutered commanders forced ROTC members at several Universities to walk across campus in red high heels.  The cause was “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes”, an event designed to raise awareness of sexual violence against women.  You know, that whole debunked "rape culture" idea that comes from a handful of made-up stories, like the Duke Lacrosse team or the fake UVA fraternity "gang rape" that just took place on the pages of Rolling Stone magazine.
“Attendance is mandatory and if we miss it we get a negative counseling and a ‘does not support the battalion sharp/EO mission’ on our CDT OER for getting the branch we want. So I just spent $16 on a pair of high heels that I have to spray paint red later on only to throw them in the trash after about 300 of us embarrass the U.S. Army tomorrow,” one anonymous cadet wrote on the social media sharing website Imgr, IJReview reported Monday.
This photo is tagged on the IJReview as being at Temple University; the PJ Tattler article (first link) refers to the same thing happening at Arizona State University.  It has been widely reported as being nationwide.  Borrowing from the PJ Tattler piece by Debra Heine:
During the Obama years, the military has become a hostile environment for Christian chaplains, and Christians in general. By the spring of 2013 — after Obama had been safely reelected — the hostility became palpable. That April, it was widely reported that an Army instructor in Pennsylvania had labeled evangelical Christians, Catholics, Orthodox Jews and Mormons “religious extremists” alongside Hamas and al Qaeda during an Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief on extremism. Later that month, an Army officer at Ft. Campbell, KY, sent an email to subordinates using similar descriptions to describe two mainstream Christian ministries that were put in the same category as Neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, white nationalists and the Ku Klux Klan. Shortly after that, the United States Army blocked the website of the Southern Baptist Convention from government computers.
It appears the "fundamental transformation" is complete.  I've heard from friends that the level of morale in the military is lower than it has been since the Clinton cutbacks in the '90s.  I know there are good guys out there in uniform, but I can just imagine regimes that might want to take our land, oil, and other treasures looking at this and saying the US is ripe for pushing over. 


  1. I would have chosen a court-martiai over doing that.
    It's beyond done. It's burnt and FUBARed. And the fact that you can be openly muslim or Wiccan but NOT Christian is obscene.

    I'm beginning to think things couldn't be worse if Russia or China _did_ take us over. We reay need to purgre this country of the sociaist fith that have brought us to this point.

    If the Left can "justify " - in their own minds, at least - killing us for denying global warming, having penises, and being Christian, we should be able to return the favor for turning our children into socialists, allowing us to be invaded from the Southern border, and declaring war on us of the Right. I can see it coming to that.

  2. Sorry for the typos. My spleen was too wrought to proof-read before hitting Send.

  3. How many first world countries, which don't spend on military like the US, have been invaded and conquered by foreign armies lately. Zero? Since
    these other countries don't have the mighty mighty-might of the mighty US armies, why haven't they been invaded? Do China and Russia really believe the US is willing to start WW3 in order to protect all of the other first world countries?

    I think the US armies are mostly pork. I think the battle effectiveness of the US armies is not the reason the US is free of invasion. I think the real reason is that making war is costly, and can't be funded by whatever you can loot from who you invade. I think the real reason for war is for politicians to justify power and defense contractors to justify building billion dollar whatevers. That's why there is so much imaginary war talked about by politicians, pretended to be done by imaginary Muslim enemies, who are clearly not attacking anything on the continental US in any real amount.

  4. Photo definitely Temple University:


    -- Kenneth H. Ryesky, Esq.
    BBA 1977; JD 1986

    Noncontributing Temple alumnus

    See here:

  5. More info in. This was a link from ace of spades.

  6. "but I can just imagine regimes that might want to take our land, oil, and other treasures looking at this and saying the US is ripe for pushing over."

    You are speaking of the Lord Hussein Obama and his cohorts?

  7. This is ROTC not the military.

  8. I hope everyone here clicks on the link from IRISH to WeaponsMan.

    And if ROTC isn't "the military", it's certainly next year's military - if it's fulfilling its name of an officer training corps.

  9. enmass, these guys should have refused. and what exactly is the point of the shoes? that is not what is meant by "walking in her shoes?" Totally stupid! Red shoes and public display is only to humiliate. And they, like sheep, followed along.

  10. In defense of the guys - ROTC and regular military - who went along with this, your superiors can make life hell for you. Not just in sending you into combat where the ROEs make it likely you might get wounded or killed, but by getting you re-assigned somewhere really nasty, or bad for the wife and kids. Not to mention no promotions, no desired training, etc.

    And a lot of us who were in ROTC did go on to get a commission or enlist. Having been a maverick for most of my life, I still would have refused. Or maybe worn a thong and a bra on the outside of my BDUs (the shoes would put you "out of uniform" at the order of your superiors, so they'd have a hard time fanging you for a little extra. A bra and thong would show solidarity with the feminist b*tches on campus, too, wouldn't it? Why not walk a mile in her underwear? ;-)