Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Just Don't Get It

Molly Schuyler, a 120 pound, 34 year old mother of four, made national headlines for winning an eating competition last week.  At a restaurant called the Big Texan in Amarillo, they have a challenge: eat a 72 ounce steak with all the sides (shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad and a dinner roll); do it under an hour and you get dinner free.  For the competition she ate three of those complete meals.  In 20 minutes. 
I just don't get it.  I can't see how a woman her size could eat that much.  She routinely beats football players and other big guys in these competitive eating events.  (This has to be the uniquely American sport).  

We once had a skinny little Siamese cat named Fourier.  I remember one holiday I carved turkey portions for both him and Mrs. Graybeard, and we decided to let him eat his fill.  This seven pound cat ate more than my wife - almost twice as much.  It's like that.  I've seen it, but I don't understand it. 


  1. Yeah, it's kind of like that skinny little Japanese guy who was winning all the hot dog eating contests for a while.

  2. Genetic. Some people can and many cannot.

  3. Where does she put it all? Does she have a TARDIS in her gut?

  4. This is a matter of some discussion at BBQs here in Northern Virginia.

    Sonya Thomas "the Black Widow" is from Alexandria.

    Main theories here are:

    1. These smaller competitive eaters don't drink a load of beer first.

    2. No abdominal fat to get in the way. (This is what is hampering my career---the above too).

  5. She could be bulimic, too. Seems I remember reading about someone in the Donner Party who suffered from bulimia . . .

  6. definitely bulimia