Thursday, April 16, 2015

All My Videos Are Up

All of the videos I took at Cabin Fever have been processed and posted to my YouTube account.  I took everything other than the two short ones I put up on Sunday with my Canon DSLR.  The resulting videos are way too big to put up in their native sizes - the big one was almost half a GB.  I was able to shrink them down to reasonable sizes and spent this evening doing that.

I think these "Flame Eater" engines are cool. Technically, they're called vacuum engines since the flame is outside the compression chamber and sucked into it by the vacuum from the moving piston.  Because the flame is outside, I prefer to call them external combustion engines.


  1. Just love, absolutely love those engines! Thank you for posting!!

  2. Great post, thanks.
    Sterling engines are also external combustion.

  3. What fuel was the little V-4 running on?

  4. Dick - they often don't need to have any combustion. My favorites are the ones that run from the heat of a coffee cup or your hand.

    And Chickenmom - thanks for your comment.

  5. DrJim - I didn't ask. I think it was a conventional gasoline engine. I kind of recall that familiar smell from it.