Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Wooden Studebaker

But first a word:  Bloggus Interruptus.  Some circumstances have come up that require a bit more attention in the evenings.  I'm afraid blogging is likely to be very spotty for the next few days, perhaps a week.

So lacking time to do a story, I'll link to one about a pretty amazing recreation of a 1951 Studebaker, hand crafted out of quilted maple and sapele, by Jim Gray
"The trickiest joinery was the long corner rails that run from the windshield to the bumper. "When you're working with 2 boards that cost $4000, you have to get the best grain consistency you can... and I had to do it using stock that was already less than 2" thick."
Photos mercilessly copied from Jim Gray's website.  


  1. That is absolutely beautiful.

    Back in the early fifties, my father had a '49 or '50 Pontiac station wagon that was a "woody". We traveled all over the country in that car, as my father was moved from one USAF (SAC) air base to another. I think he sold it when we were at March AF Base in Riverside, CA (1952-1953). Hopefully, some old surfer bought it at some point and passed it on to his kids/grandkids.

  2. That was a featured car in Hot Rod last year.

    Just amazing all the work that went in to it....

  3. It's got wooden wheels, wooden seats, wooden engine and wooden gearbox.

    Inevitably, it wooden go ... >};o)

    Phil B