Monday, May 18, 2015

A Moving Experience

Over the last couple of weekends, I've been a little scarce here.  I've been re-laying out a corner of my shop, the only corner without power tools.   One side is my reloading bench and the other I use for several tasks: gun cleaning, fishing tackle maintenance and repair, tackle making (I tie bucktail jigs and make other lures), and even rodmaking.   Between the pictures at those two previous blog posts, you can get an idea what it looked like.  After the last couple of weekends the area looks like this:
Rather completely rearranged.  The presses are in the same place, thanks to some bolts, and they're the only things in the same place.  The shelves are all in different places and everything on them has moved, too.  The left most set is newest: I built those yesterday.  They're 1x8 boards.  The shelves just right of them are second newest: I built those two weeks ago.  The other pine board shelves are 1x6 boards, so the shelves are shallower, front to back. The white shelves on the right, in the corner, were on the left where the newest shelves are.  Those are laminated particle board. 

All that's left is to get some lighting in that corner.  Probably LED lighting.  Lots of options there.  


  1. Nice legs! Where did they come from?

  2. They're from a place called Seville Classics. My local Sam's Club had them. They weigh around 130 pounds, most of it in that thick, butcher block top.

  3. Damn, I'm jealous about how neat and tidy your room is. I've got way too much stuff and not enough shelves or wall space for it. I'm trying to figure out better ways of organizing (perhaps moving all but a few hundred cases and bullets of each caliber into boxes in another area?) all the components, leaving more room for the actual reloading presses, case prep items, sizing equipment, etc.

    And I _still_ have to find space for the safe operation of bullet casting, with all the things that activity will require. I've been shifting things around, utilizing the same space for several different chores, but it is neither efficient nor comfortable.

    I really like your layout. Clean and uncluttered.

  4. Reg - thanks, but it's uncluttered because of moving. When I'm involved in a project, I have the nasty habit of scattering things everywhere. That often leads to putting things down and not being able to find them.

    I just found a tool holder for the big lathe this weekend that had been missing for two weeks. It was in a place I looked several times.

  5. Thanks, I feel better now :-)