Sunday, December 13, 2015


It was a busy weekend getting ready for the holidays, but we got our tree up and festively decorated.  All the shopping is done and some of it has been delivered.  

Aside from some lengthy comments to some prior posts that are generating a lot of traffic, I added the two receiver articles from last week to separate pages:  "The Least You Should Know" Series and the Alternative Communications page. 

Meanwhile, this came in the emails this morning and stands on its own.
This will be a busy week.  I retire on Friday, and begin that long-anticipated and somewhat mythical phase of life.  I'm doing my best to clean up my stuff and help the friend taking over for me.  But I'm the kind of guy who will take a rental car to a car wash if it seems like it's dirtier than it ought to be, and cleans up the inside of the rental regardless of anything else.  


  1. Didn't remember you saying you were pulling the plug.

    You're gonna love it!

  2. I think I only mentioned it once, a couple of months ago. Of course, I think of it all the time, but I don't think it's as important to anyone else!

  3. Congrats, SiG, on executing a successful escape plan. You will find much wonderment, as have many before you, as to how you were able to squeeze in 50-60 hours/week of work before retirement.

    I see the Comment Control thing is new. I guess I'm largely back to lurking.

    1. What are you seeing it do? On my end when I'm not logged in, it looks exactly the same. While logged in, it's even faster/better.

    2. Well, I thought it was requiring verification, so I logged into gmail to use "google account" verification, which is a PITA (I created a trash gmail account just for this sort of stuff, but it's enough of a headache to log in just to make a quick comment I comment on "verification required" sites only very rarely. Which some may consider a good thing). I just noticed it's accepting "anonymous" so I'll go with that for now.


  4. Graybeard, only people with no imagination and no hobbies have trouble with retirement, unless finances suck, and I've found we can actually do quite well on less. With all you know, are interested in, and do, you will indeed discover that you are busier than you used to be when you worked full-time. I retired a bit early (back in 2008), and other than some medical issues (back surgeries and arthritis) I couldn't be happier.