Monday, October 4, 2010

The 10:10 Videos

Pretty much all of the liberty-oriented portion of the blogosphere lit up over the British videos that featured a teacher executing students who weren't enraptured by the idea of reducing their carbon footprint.  Likewise, a stereotypical boss/manager executes employees who didn't salivate all over the idea of complying with the program.  You will note no discussion was allowed - perhaps the executed already led lives of extreme austerity; had already cut their carbon use to virtually zero, wore clothes made from recycled dryer lint they gathered at the city laundromat, and were so far "ahead" of the general population they didn't want to bother with another 10% reduction.  Never mind, just blow them up in place.

It is truly an eco-porn snuff film (HT to Borepatch).

A lot of really good comments are out there.  It is an obvious conclusion that leftist groups are capable of violence - they do it all the time.  Kevin at the Smallest Minority has a good summary in his Friday, October 1 column. In an analysis of the violence in Europe over the economic austerity measures, the number of violent incidents started by groups identified as left wing out numbered the incidents started by right wing groups 39:1. Borepatch brings out a few things worth reading about this whole sordid episode.

The only thing I want to add is not to forget the possibility that this whole stunt was done for the publicity.  The whole "make film, release it, apologize for it, swear you took it down" cycle could be part of trying to get publicity and fund raise.  If a lot of people demonize them, it will have the effect of making them more famous.  As they say in Hollywood, "Make them love you, or make them hate you, just make sure they don't forget your name".  This is how PETA operates, after all.  As an organization, PETA are the scum of the Earth.  The scum de la scum as the French would say.  They kill more pets than they help.  The stories of them euthanizing pets that they swore to put up for adoption are just so numerous that they can't be ignored.  When they do something stupid, like distribute comics of mommies killing bunnies to elementary school kids, badda-bing - there they are on nationwide TV News with free publicity and fund-raising from the mentally ill who think PETA is just wonderful.

Perhaps they want us to be outraged, because they believe the morons they collect money from will be happiest when normal, thinking people are the most outraged.

Edit 10/7 11:00 MDT to add link to Smallest Minority.  Thanks to Dave in the comments. 


  1. Someone suggested this was a sneak-peek just to soften us up and vent the anger, that the MSM will release it on 10/10 to much fan-fair.
    The fact is they view Humanity as an invasive species, as if they don't belong to it.

  2. My wife thought it was what Brian Micklethwait was saying.

    "I have just watched this amazing video, and frankly, it looked to me like a rather over-the-top (but very funny) attack on the green movement, done by people who really, really hate it, far more even than I do. Seriously. The fact that the teacher was such a genuinely nice lefty, and she was being very sweet about everything, right up to the bit where she murdered the dissenters, just made it all the funnier. "

    Having read/heard some more from the 10:10 group, I'm more inclined to think rather than manipulative, they're just stupid. In the echo-chamber of their group meetings, it made perfect sense. They didn't realize how far they went beyond the public sensibilities until the reactions started coming in.

    Like the UK pundit who advocating killing your own children "if they're suffering".

    As always, I reserve the right to be wrong.

  3. Since the MSM is refusing to cover it I'm inclined to believe likewise, that it was an example of overwhelmingly self-centered echo-chamber behavior and alarmingly stupid of them, but it shows their true face, and the UK has really gone around the bend adopting such Flat Earth Society self-certainty.

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  5. Thanks, Dave. My inner Homer Simpson obviously was driving that night.