Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The DC Miracle Continues

Since the Heller decision, the rate of violent crime in Washington DC has been on a steady decline.  This is no surprise to members of the gun culture; we all seem to know that "More Guns = Less Crime" as the great Dr. Lott says. 

Dr. Lott has a column today on National Review talking about bias on the part of M.D.s in the New England Journal of Medicine. 
One of the articles, written by Garen Wintemute, Anthony Braga, and David Kennedy, makes the case for extending background checks to the private transfers of guns, arguing that “perhaps the principal reason for the well-documented failure of the Brady Act to lower rates of firearm-related homicide is that its requirements do not apply to private-party gun sales.” But they do so without providing any evidence that these or any other background checks reduce crime.  (emphasis added)
Remember just because it's in a science journal doesn't mean it's true.

Dr. Lott shows on his own page that DC crime rates, notably their terrible murder rate, have continued to improve in the second year since the Heller decision.  The murder rate in DC is down 35.5% from its peak in 2008.  All crimes in this chart are down.  No sane person can possibly make the argument that DC is a worse place now than it was before the gun ban was lifted. 

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