Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nothing Says "Long Lasting Smiles"...

...quite like firing automatic weapons.  At least, as a hobbyist, when your life doesn't depend on it.  

Dear Mrs. Graybeard used to work with a woman who had an interesting phrase.  When she got married for the second time, she said, "I was a virgin in one position".  Similarly, we were both virgins at automatic weapons until yesterday.  As mentioned below, I'm on a temporary assignment far from home.  Salt Lake City.  And Utah has some pretty rational gun laws.

Just down the road from SLC is a town called Murray, home to a gun shop called "Get Some" Guns and Ammo.  While looking for something to do during some down time, we found out that they allow automatic weapons in their gun range as well as large bore rifles, and will rent either of those to you. 

We were able to shoot an FN P90, an Uzi, an HK MP5 and a MAC 11.  Just one magazine each, so it goes pretty quickly.  A couple of semi-automatic shots to get a feel for the gun, followed by a few short bursts, then one or two longer bursts, and that's all, folks!  Afterwards, we rented a Springfield EMP for Mrs.Graybeard to try out - and I shot a few magazines with it, too.  Nice little gun, although a bit too small for my paws. 
FN P90

We also visited Impact Guns up in Ogden.  This is the online gun shop I go to the most when I'm interested in something and want to get an idea what it costs.  A great, big, store.  They have a similar range arrangement there, too. 

Took quite a while for the smiles to dissipate. 


  1. What a hoot, buzzguns! I tried it last year at the GBR and just giggled through a magazine of 5.56 from an AK-type thing. I couldn't tell where it was going, my glasses were bouncing on my nose. :-)

  2. OH YEAH. It's really a hoot. I sure can understand why folks go through so much hassle to get their class III licenses.

    I could have shot a 50 BMG, too, and I'm kicking myself for not doing that.