Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Collection of Short Stories

Wherein we get more of what we need less of:  Government regulation.

Industry insider Louis Frenzel of Electronic Design Magazine comments on the "net takeover" by the FCC.  Note the roughly 4:1 socialist tenor of the comments, from my fellow engineers (embarrassingly enough).

The bigger problem may be that the UN is trying to take over the Internet.  That will be the end of the 'net as we know it.  To quote from Obi-Wan, "there is no bigger hive of scum and villainy" than the UN. 

The EPA went ahead and instituted new rules on CO2 as a hazardous gas, effective over the holidays.  All unpopular regulations go into effect, and unpopular laws are passed over the holidays. 
(from Townhall.com )  This sets up a legal fight between Texas and the Fed.gov.  Texas got a quick court ruling stopping Fed.gov for the moment.   Governor Rick Perry figures to get big-time political mileage out of this.  The big question here is: if Texas looses, does "The Republic of Texas" secede from the Republic?

Congress can de-fund the EPA and the FCC, but they've shown themselves to be pretty toothless.  

The Food Safety Modernization Act (also known as the American Forced Genocide by Starvation Act) was signed into law.  It will cost approximately $1 million per case of food poisoning prevented as a completely optimistic guess. 

And, of course you saw that your executioner, the economically illiterate Dr. David Berwick, instituted the much-derided "death panels" by executive fiat on Christmas eve (again, because no one was watching). 

All of this is to be expected.  We've been saying for some time that congress has almost made themselves irrelevant, with the large number of czars and "special advisers" the executive branch has.  If you don't have congress under your control, you get to rule by executive fiat.  You get to make it law, "Because I said so". 

What a great bunch of people!  What fine, honest, upstanding leaders our insect overlords are! 


  1. You might like to read this document.


    It's from Der Spiegel and comprises a leaked Army document which considers the effects of our imminent resource wars; especially Peak Oil.

    The suggestions are that, A ... the public is being kept misinformed. And, B, that we can expect a massive increase in State Power. Globally.

  2. Thanks for the link. An interesting and sobering article.

    As someone said, I don't know that the Obama administration is deliberately trying to destroy the US, but I'm not sure I see any differences between what they'd do if they were and what they're doing now. Relevant example: making us more dependent on foreign sources of energy and restricting the development of virtually all forms of energy in this country.

  3. Good site, and I used your stuff and linked back to you here:

    Keep up the good fight in these depressing times under the reign of our petulant juvenile President.