Monday, January 31, 2011

Is George Soros Behind the Egyptian Situation?

Writer Teressa Monroe-Hamilton of has quite an interesting article on how the riots in Egypt appear to have originated. 
I’m also sure it is a huge coincidence that George Soros and El Baradei both sit on the Board of Trustees for the International Crisis Group.
Dr. Evil?  Would Dr. Evil (George Soros) be interested in collapsing the Egyptian government?  
Is Soros somewhere behind this lurking with another of his regime collapse scenarios? Every piece of information and evidence I see adds up to it. Here’s a refresher on his 5 step plan for a regime collapse:
  • Step One: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover.
  • Step Two: Control the airwaves. Fund existing radio and TV outlets and take control over them or start your own outlets.
  • Step Three: Destabilize the state, weaken the government and build an anti-government kind of feeling in the country. You exploit an economic crisis or take advantage of an existing crisis — pressure from the top and the bottom. This will allow you to weaken the government and build anti-government public sentiment.
  • Step Four: Provoke an election crisis. You wait for an election and during the election, you cry voter fraud.
  • Step Five: Take power. You stage massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins, general strikes and you encourage activism. You promote voter fraud and tell followers what to do through your radio and television stations. Incitement and violence are conducted at this stage.
Definitely worth your time to read.  We had heard that Code Pink was over there recently, along with Bernadine Dohrn, and other extremists who were behind the "peace flotilla" last spring.   Mrs. Graybeard found this column while looking for more information on the role of Code Pink and other Marxist groups.  

No doubt that Mubarek is a scumbag that needs to go, but this looks orchestrated to me. 

Go read.  Worth your time, for sure. 

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