Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Net Neutrality Starts To Rear Its Ugly Head

In my angry post Saturday, I noted that although the house had told the FCC they had no authority to regulate the Internet and to drop its net neutrality laws, Comrade Peloski said, "Screw you, we're doing it anyway".

Sunday, WyBlog posted that the FCC has already begun applying their social justice laws to the wireless service providers. 
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is hell-bent on redistributing the networks built by AT&T and Verizon to every penny ante bit player who comes along. 
Why build your own wireless network when you can get Socialists R Us to force the existing networks to carry your traffic for you? The FCC cleverly calls it "equal access" but it's anything but equal. So now we have a new player such as Burt's Broadband and Bait Shop who can set up one mobile access point, and instantly be granted an unfettered ability for his customers to use every AT&T or Verizon 3G or 4G hotspot nationwide. 
Burt gets all the benefits of a nationwide broadband network for little or no capital investment. That is what the government calls "net neutrality."
I call it "theft."
Hat tips to WyBlog and IOTW.

I've been beating this horse since last summer (at least) - I don't see how a group of self-admitted communists like Genachowski or his buddy McChesney are going to do anything good here.  As usual, they're trying to do the opposite of what they claim.
“Today, Republicans first want to shut down the Internet, then they want to shut down the government,’’ said US Representative Edward J. Markey, a Malden Democrat and a staunch supporter of net neutrality.  Video here).
How, exactly, is trying to preserve the legal framework and free enterprise that created widespread broadband anything like trying to shut it down? 

(Note: the link to a video of Markey is for anyone who thinks we're dealing with rational people.  For any other EE's reading this - Markey's so far out on the j-omega axis it's hard to imagine anyone can think like that.  He makes Charles Manson sound sane.)

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