Saturday, April 16, 2011

Very Busy Saturday

It has been a busy day making a bunch of things work together, but I read something I think most of my readers would like to see.

David Galland, managing director of Casey Research, on the coming endarkenment.   To whet your appetite:
Roaring in to office on a wave of anti-Bushism – an easy wave to catch – Obama dazzled a gullible public with visions of paradise on earth: a place free of pollution, evil capitalists, fat cat bankers, war mongering militarists, anti-humanist free marketers, and corrupt politicians. A place where free health care was a native right and a succoring government would kiss the boo-boos of all who suffered.
While some efforts were made to cover the tracks of the true character of the president and his administration – for example by appointing people with the right progressive credentials to positions in agencies such as the EPA – even a casual examination of the president’s actions reveal him and his associates for the sociopaths they are.
The signs of this trend are now appearing here, there, and everywhere. Ominously, one of the most visible signs is an upwelling in the popular media of calls for punitive levels of taxation on anyone considered wealthy.
… Jeffrey Neiman, a former federal prosecutor now in private practice in Fort Lauderdale, said that “under my reading of the Fbar rules, if the government can prove that a financial institution willfully caused an Fbar violation, the government could seek a penalty on the financial institution, no matter where in the world it is based, for up to 50 percent of the balance of all accounts in question.”
The next phase in the current economic crisis, which we are entering now, will be of a different nature than the sharp market reaction that occurred in 2008, though we are likely to see such a crash as well.
A little long, but the best thing I've read today.  Read the whole thing.

Edit right after posting 2157EDT:  Mis-attributed the author!  

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