Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thought for the Day

They keep saying "Government Shutdown" like it's a bad thing.


  1. Funny thing about people who say it like its a bad thing - an awful lot of them get their checks from the government.

    Another thing about it is the ridiculous politics of it all. The Dimocrats are actually blaming the Republicans for failing to pass a budget. IIRC it was the job of the sitting congress at the end of the last fiscal year to pass a budget. That would be the Dimocrat controlled congress that had better things to do. I'm just cynical enough to suspect that they neglected this duty on purpose, realizing how bad they were about to be trounced in the upcoming election, so that they could blame the resulting mess on the new Republican congress.

  2. The only people who really seem to care about this are the people who are dependent on the and the media. So many of them live in DC and report on that the thought of not getting continuous talking points and having to actually work for a story is making them sweat.

    On the other hand, how could anyone with an IQ above the freezing point look themselves in a mirror after saying something like this??

  3. Reid is an absolute waste of oxygen. His smirky face makes me want to vomit every time I stumble across a photo of him. I can't understand how there could be enough brain-damaged people in Nevada to get him re-elected.

  4. Reid is somewhat understandable considering where he comes from. Nevada is a heavily unionized state (and some say it still has strong ties to various mafias) so it makes sense that would select even the dimmest of the Dimocrats over any competitors. Less left-leaning candidates are a threat to the unions, and the law-and-order "family values" right wing is a threat to the primary industry of the state.

    That's still no excuse for Reid, who continues to amaze with his ability to say (and do) stupid things. Are there really people who feel like he represents them?