Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not That It's Needed, But In Defense of Ann Barnhardt

I had different plans for what I wanted to write about tonight, but ran across this story on WSRA. 

Like most of you, the first time I heard of Ann Barnhardt was her fiery  videos on YouTube two weeks ago in response to Lindsey Graham (first one here).  As you'll recall, Graham embarrassed himself and the whole country by implying we need restrictions on the constitution in the light of that moron preacher (just up the road from here) burning a Koran as a publicity stunt.  I interpreted her burning of a Koran more as a smack down of Graham than to offend Muslims, although I have to say it's hard to care less than I do if Islamic Rage Boy gets offended by her, or anything else for that matter.   Islamic Rage Boy gets offended by everything from birds singing to being around dogs, and God knows he'd poop his drawers at Denny's Baconalia

So I read past entries on her blog to learn a bit about her, and added her to my regular reading checks.  She has written several really good, perceptive pieces in the last few weeks, including a couple of smart summaries of self-defense for "Turn the Other Cheek" Christians (Jesus and Guns, parts 1 and 2), On Justice and a really good response to a YouTube criticism of her videos.  Ann is a devoted Catholic who "gets it", and I say that as someone who spends a lot of time digging into the Word and trying to "get it" myself!   

On April 7th, a self-anointed American spokesman for the Religion of Peace (tm) went and issued a death threat against Ann.  Ann's website doesn't allow direct links to her writing (you should, Ann), so borrowing from WSRA:
And I was beginning to feel unloved . . .
Dr. Moshen El-Guindy posted this charming little screed at
Copy and paste the URL above into your address bar to view. Be warned - Dr. Mo isn't much for brevity.
She then gives Dr. El-Guindy a reaming he's not likely to forget:
Dear Dr. ElGuindy-
If you can dismount your six year old nephew (who is also your half-brother and your double-cousin) for long enough to read this, hear me clearly. I will never, ever, ever submit to islam, which is a satanic political system, founded by an insane con-artist pedophile dirtbag.
I'm 3/4 of a continent away from Ann, so I can't rifle up and help defend her door, but I stand with her.  And I think we all should.  I don't spend anywhere near as much time talking about the threat from Islam as I could or should.  People need to know this.  


  1. I've been following Ann for a little longer than her excellent smack-down of Limp-Duck Graham. If you didn't search far enough back to read her post "The Problem Is Islam", give it a read. I think she nails it. March 21, 2011, near the bottom of the page of her web site. She is a great lady.

    Colorado isn't as far for me. If she ever needs the help, or if some inbred pedophilic scum try to harm her, I'd drive there at a moment's notice (along with my wife - who has _my_ back.) Ann's a special lady.

  2. I read back to "The Problem is Islam" and I thought it was great. I've also read a bunch of other postings; she's definitely a premier voice.