Saturday, November 3, 2012

Don't Think I've Ever Posted Country Before

 But I've really liked "Banjo Boy" since the first time I heard it.  Not pure country, more of a "cross-country".  Or satire.  Or ... just plain fun.

Ryan Shupe's Rubber Band comes across as a talented bunch of guys having fun.  Catch "Dream Big", too. 

Blame it on Borepatch, who posted the video with Bela Fleck, who Ryan Shupe references in "Banjo Boy".  


  1. "Not pure country ..."

    OK, I'll buy that. ;-)

    And anyone who wants to blame Borepatch needs to get in line. Seems that these days they need to bring a lunch.

  2. Ever hear the album Bela Fleck made where he plays classical music on his banjo. It's incredible.

    Go to the Itunes store and search for Fleck's Perpetual Motion album. Then click on the fifth entry, Bacch's Partita #3. It will blow you away to hear it on a banjo. Fleck is just amazing.

    1. Thanks for that link. Pretty amazing stuff.

      The only lessons I've ever taken, before this DVD course I'm doing now, was for classical guitar. Suffice it to say the techniques I'm hearing sound exactly like classical guitar. The instrument sounds different, but not as much as you might think.

  3. If you like classical guitar, listen to any of Scott Tennant's albums. He only has four solo albums, but they are superb. Here's an example of one of my favorites by him: (quality sucks, but it gives you an idea of his skill).

    Once we get settled into our new home, I hope to start lessons on my Washburn classical guitar, C104SCE. I fooled around with six and twelves string guitars many years ago, but never got serious. After coming across Scott Tennant, I'm motivated to begin actually learning to play.