Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Virtual Shopping Day!

When I got home from work and started downloading my email, Thunderbird told me it was downloading 73 emails.  73?

I'm not that popular.

The 73 emails were, with less than 10 exceptions, all ads saying "start your cyber-shopping now!"  I'll just load up my virtual cart here...
No.  No, I won't.  I've somehow managed to acquire a head cold and don't feel like sitting here thinking hard.  Maybe later this weekend. 

A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all.  May all of you enjoy a wonderful day with your families and friends.  Or by yourself, if that's your day.  Thanks to the EMTs, Nurses, Doctors, LEOs, Firefighters and others who work Thanksgiving so we can have the day off.  Thanks to the military men and women who keep the barbarians from the gates and give us the chance to relax.  For now, eat, drink, and be merry. Who knows what next year brings? 


  1. ...and to you and yours, good sir!


  2. Hope that you feel better soon, and thank you for all your helpful thoughts and good work; you raise my spirits and those of a lot of other folk!