Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ain't Got Much

Is there a world out there today?  I've been home rearranging all day.  We bought a sound bar for the TV/home entertainment center and had to tear that apart and rebuild it.  Along the way we thought of another dozen things that needed to be done, moved, or reconnected, and a few things to do to get the workshop back in shape (my CNC mill and stuff).   I'm running out of day.

I see the Algerians proved yet again that if you're going to be a contractor overseas in the oil/gas business and get taken captive, you better hope it's the US specops that come to get you.  The US does not subscribe to the "kill them all, let Allah sort them out" philosophy.  Yet.

If you're in the Bulgarian equivalent of the Secret Service, I expect you're going to questioned about how something like this can happen.  Dudes with guns should not get this close to a president. 

A young mother gets knifed in Bed Bath & Beyond?  I guess the media doesn't care since this wasn't a shooting, but to slash a total stranger with a knife a dozen times, puncture both lungs... why is this guy wasting oxygen?  IMO, he should have been locked up for a thorough evaluation, a month or two in a rubber room, when he set a cat on fire a few weeks ago.  What's up with psychologists not locking these guys up?  Ann Coulter writes

While the randomness of the crime is horrific, another young woman, this one a part-time model in Kentucky, was attacked by two other women who wanted to rearrange her face with razors.  While this one might be marginally more understandable - it might involve jealousy about an ex-boyfriend - here's a hint, ladies: assault with a deadly weapon is never an appropriate way to argue. 

Confidential to the gun grabbers: violent crime doesn't always happen to someone else, and it doesn't always happen in some mythical "bad part of town" that you don't live in and can ignore.  Every trained, concealed carry permit holder knows the axiom that if you're going somewhere you think you're going to need a gun, you don't go there!  Sometimes it happens to completely innocent people in a suburban home furnishings store or in a busy mall. 

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  1. No, the U.S. now subscribes to "Let Allah kill them all, and blame it on the Secretary of State".