Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New York Is Jealous of Chicago's Crime Rate

Cold Fury called it "New York Rescinds Second Amendment" and links to Bob Owens who writes "Are There Free Man Still Alive in New York".  The New York law that was just rammed through the state legislature has many of the features of Feinstein's proposed AWB that we're believing hoping won't make it through the congress.  Text of the law is here.  Some highlights
  • Limit magazines to seven rounds.  With the exception of subcompact guns that New Yorkers are not allowed to own, virtually every gun on the market comes with larger capacity magazines than that.  That means there are no legal magazines on the market and there won't be until someone decides to produce New York compliant magazines.   Since no one else in their right mind would want one, expect them to be expensive.
  • Magazines that hold 10 rounds are allowed (temporarily?) but must not be loaded beyond 7 rounds. This presumably makes the Garand en-bloc clip illegal, as it holds eight.
  • All "assault weapons" must be registered.
  • Semiautomatic pistols can be considered "assault weapons".
  • "Assault weapons" are judged by one feature not two as in the 1994 AWB.  
  • They may not be sold or transferred except to a dealer.  You may not bequeath one to your child.  When you die, it dies with you.
  • Ammunition may not be sold without a background check.  Every. Stinking. Box. of ammo - that is, this is not just for bulk purchases.  Every ammo purchase gets a background check.
  • Buying online ammo is not illegal, as I read it, but the seller can not ship it to your house.  They must ship to an in-state store that can do the background check on you.  
  • Bulk purchases trigger an automatic contact of the local police department. 
  • The law specifically calls for these requirements for online sellers.  Sellers, I imagine, may decide whether or not they'll do business in New York.
  • Every state gun license must be re-certified every five years. 
  • Private sales of your private property is outlawed.  All sales must go through an FFL for background check.  This is over and above the law that already makes it a felony to sell the gun to someone you believe to be a felon. 
It goes on and on.  Bob Owens says:
New Yorkers have a choice. They can either comply to the demands of their would-be masters, quietly become criminals and hope they don’t get caught acting like free men, or they can fight this abject insanity.

As New York state has no constitutional protections, they must either appeal these laws to a federal judge and up the line to the United States Supreme court years from now, or resolve to take down this draconian law through subversive means.

Civil disobedience is a great start.

You’d be amazed how few transportation arteries their are into New York City, and how easy it would be to turn the city upside down with a few dozen vehicles suffering concurrent “mechanical problems” on bridges and in tunnels during the morning rush hour. This is just one off-the-cuff idea. There are thousands of things you can do to make this totalitarian state falter. Crush Albany’s wallet, and force them to repeal this ill-advised law.

If civil disobedience fails…

It’s your state, New Yorkers. Defend it.
As in all cases where they try to outlaw a thing based on fear, they will just change the market.  If you're only allowed seven rounds in a magazine look for people to switch from smaller to larger calibers to be more effective.  Instead of .380 and 9mm, I expect people will switch to .40 or .45.  The new little Springfield XDs .45 handgun, for example, has a five round magazine, so it's NY compliant - I think.  I can see single stack 1911s in .45, like this Springfield Armory MilSpec 1911 which comes with a seven round magazine, becoming big sellers in New York.  

Since revolvers don't have magazines, and aren't mentioned in this new law, you might see more .357 Magnum, .44, and bigger bore revolvers. These are a little hard to conceal, unless you're an NFL Tackle, but fully compliant with the new law. 
A 50 cal revolver.  Somehow, I don't think this is quite what the panty-sh**ing legislators in New York were envisioning.


  1. Don't forget that owning three or more firearms is a felony under this new law.

  2. Unfortunately, I doubt much will come of this in a state controlled and overly-populated by la-la progressives seeking "true social justice in Utopia." There will be a lot of screams of anguish and righteous betrayal, but civil disobedience will be minimal. Lawsuits will be filed and life will go on under the authoritarian rule of the governor who wants to be president, and a New York City Mayor who believes he is Emperor.

  3. I'm not so sure. Liberals always seem to be more violent and hot headed than most conservatives.

    It very well could be there are enough that will get their toes stepped on and get their eyes opened like they did when they got their first paycheck this year. Liberals are more likely to act first and think later so we could see things start unraveling there first.

    I know, wishful thinking but it could happen.

    Either way, the beginning of the end, one way or another, has begun.

  4. Well, at least belt fed weapons are OK - the "clip" only holds a single round.


  5. Smith and Wesson, with their 327 and 627 revolvers, and Taurus with their Model 608s, produce revolvers that hold, and fire, 8 rounds (you encounter these primarily in ICORE competition, but they will function quite well anyplace with atmosphere and gravity). Don't know about the 608, but the 327/627 S&Ws can be loaded with either individual cartridges or use 8-round moon clips.

    So, here's the question: I do not expect the New York Brain Trust to have considered, or even be aware of, any of these firearms; that said, is it now illegal in NY state to load 8 rounds into your Model 627 revolver, and is an 8-round moon clip legally considered an "ammunition feeding device"?

    1. In the world of lawyers, if it isn't specifically outlawed it must be OK. Of course, I am not a lawyer, I'm some random idiot on the internet.

      I'll bet you that the (1) the people who wrote this couldn't tell a moon clip from a Moon Pie - if you told them one was dessert, and (2) some idiot would arrest you and make you demonstrate to a judge that a moon clip isn't an ammunition feeding device, it's more like a custom box for dumping ammo into the gun.

      The only mentions of revolvers I saw in the law (using text search) was revolver-operated shotguns. Which I have to admit I've never heard of.

  6. A fun argument maybe but totally misses the point.

    ANY gun law is unconstitutional.

    We need to stay focused on the goal. Returning to a full Constitutional Republic.

    Repealing ALL unconstitutional laws by any means necessary. Peaceful is possible.

    1. Yeah... did you hear Barry talking about balancing rights? Revolting.

  7. A couple things spring to mind:

    New York gun owners voting with their feet.

    Dump a bunch of spent steel ammo casings on the roads in protest (although that might cause too much collateral damage and give them more grist for their mill)