Friday, January 25, 2013

This Weird Life

A day in the life of a blogger.  Some of you will understand.

Over in the right column, way at the bottom of all the widgets and gidgets I have there, is a standard blogger tool that lists the 10 most popular posts I've ever had on this blog.  I'm sure hardly anyone ever notices it, except maybe newbies trying to figure out what sort of nut job they just came across. As chief bottle washer around here, I find it occasionally interesting.

Yesterday morning, I was looking at it for some reason and found a new post at number one.  A post from back in 2010 had rocketed up never from been in the top 10 at all, probably hardly even noticed, to number 1.  WTF?  Thanks to being busy, I didn't get to check out what happened until late last night.  It seems there was an argument on Reddit about a cake featuring a Unicorn pooping out a rainbow of Skittles.  I had almost 8000 people come here to view this picture - that I obviously got from the source in the lower left:

The net can be a weird place sometimes.

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