Monday, January 7, 2013

Pardon Me, But I'm Bored

I'm bored with this whole "let's have a conversation about gun control" bit.  I've only been seriously in this hobby for 4 years,  and I've heard it all before way too many times.  The "conversation" is let's disarm honest, law-abiding, good people so that we feel good about ourselves.  We "did something" so now we can feel good, regardless of how pointless and ineffective that "something" is.

You know, the President (or was it Rahm Emmanuel?  not that there's much difference) said their philosophy of government was "if you're not at the table, you're on the menu"; in other words, they're going to extort as much money from as many people as possible.  So apparently the president and his posse are going to play crony capitalism with the gun industry, and the rest of us that just want to be left alone are having to shovel hundreds of dollars to lobbyists just to be left alone.  Lots of money flows, politicians of all stripes are stuffing their pockets with money from the people, lobbyists stuff their pockets while proclaiming how important they are and Washington DC is happy.  As they say, money is the lifeblood of politics.  We just happen to be on the lunch menu this time, and ask the elks how much they like being on the menu when a pack of wolves is around.

2000 year ago, the Greek stoic philosopher Epictetus wrote "When men are good, laws are meaningless; when men are bad, laws are worthless" (as I always heard it).  You will never get rid of killers because it doesn't matter what law you pass, criminals don't follow laws.  You only disarm good people.  Psychos plan these operations for a long time.  The only thing proven to stop this is an armed response. 

Imagine a world without guns?  We had a world without guns up to a few hundred years ago, and I most definitely wouldn't want to live in one again.  The strong and vicious preyed on the weaker or infirm all the time, with no mercy, for 5000 years.  It's no coincidence that in the 1850s, somebody  said, "God made man; Sam Colt made us all equal".  Finally, a 4'10" woman is a match for a 6' mugger that outweighs her by a hundred pounds.

I have this cool paper on how, if you use a non-Euclidean geometry, you can find relationships between musical chords, that show up graphically (pdf file here).  Perhaps a whole new way to compose music.  But I can't play with that.  I have to argue the most logical point in the universe.  You can't make criminals obey laws by passing laws.

Meanwhile, we have a government who ran like two to three thousand AK-47s and AR-15s to the Mexican drug cartels, getting hundreds to a thousand Mexicans killed, along with a handful of Americans, apparently just to get gun control passed in the US, but nobody's paying attention to that.  The BATFE guys who set it up, all the way up Eric Holder, are getting away with it.  It was all a waste of all those lives.  We're going to get gun control thanks to a couple of home grown psychos.  "You don't want to let a good crisis go to waste" - another Rahm Emmanuel quote.


  1. Gray, as you already know it's not about criminals or anything else except power and control.

    Nothing else matters and no other argument holds water.

    As you say all the old arguments are old and have been hashed out over and over. They know the facts. They know the truth. None of it matters.

    They will not admit their true intent so it's up to us to continue this stupid game until enough of us finally know the truth and act or they continue and do something stupid and we act.

    Hummmm...looks like either way we need to act.

    I see a pattern here.

  2. 'Imagine a world without guns?'

    Yes, but imagine a world without guns or swords!

  3. I think I've got it!
    Let's pass a law that makes murder illegaller.
    That ought to do it...

  4. So I have been shooting AR-15 type rifles for 15 years or so. In all that time I have never pointed one at another person. So now they want to make them illegal because they are only good for killing people with. Isn't it funny that after that law is passed that's the only thing I will be able to use them for.

    1. Anon 1/9 1226 - should you come back: my apologies for not letting this on here before. For some reason, Blogger put this in the SPAM bucket and I just came across it. I should have seen this days ago.

      Again, sorry. I have NO idea why Blogger did that.