Sunday, April 28, 2013

Closer, But Not Quite ...

Not quite to the point of having usable ammo. 
These .45 ACP JHPs are dummies.  No powder, not even primers.  Just some brass and bullets to get the two dies set properly.  The way the RCBS nominally works is that the first die (the empty hole behind the second and third rounds from the left) is the de-capper that pops the spent primer out.  Since I've already de-capped all of my brass  before cleaning it, I didn't bother putting in that die.  The second station, right, flares the case slightly and primes the brass.  The third dumps the powder charge.  The fourth (empty right now) is optional, but will get a powder checking die to help reduce the chance of double charges.  The fifth places the bullet and crimps it. 

Probably because I got actively involved in shooting sports when the '09 shortages were playing out, I got some bullets, primers and powders put aside when I didn't really have a need for them, but just figuring I'd want them someday.  Sure am thankful I did that! 

As my vacation is ... suddenly... tragically coming to an end, no more playing with this until the weekends.  Most likely. 

1 comment:

  1. Setting up to make a few dummy rounds never occurred to me.

    Looks like a good way to get everything dialed in before you start playing with stuff that goes BOOM.