Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Break in the Clouds

In the literal sense: it has been raining most of the day since Friday, and it has currently stopped.  This is all supposed to move through today and tomorrow we're forecast to go back to our regular 30% chance of afternoon showers. 

And in the metaphorical sense, the clouds of the Zimmerman trial are breaking.  Yeah, they're being replaced with the clouds of the Zimmerman riots and then the clouds of what looks like a coming Zimmerman civil suit, and railroading by the Department of Injustice, but I'll take my glimpse of the clear skies.  Hey, the news channels even spoke briefly about the incipient royal crib lizard, and it's nice to hear a different story in the news! 

There are miles of commentary on the case, so I won't add another inch.  Peter  is excellent.  Tam is, too.  I said in a comment to my own post last night that Francis Porretto has an important commentary everyone should read. Add to that, you should read John Derbyshire's commentary, too, because it's uncomfortable and important.  Sometimes in life, the things that make us uncomfortable are the things we need to ponder.