Friday, July 26, 2013

The Real Reason I Like Thunderstorms

While driving around Orlando today on a day without storms. 
iCrap photo of the A/C in my '09 Ford Exploder. 

The typical afternoon thunderstorm will drop that about 15 degrees.  A storm with lots of vertical development drops it even more when that cold air from 55,000 feet collapses down to sea level.  Over near the coast, we get a sea breeze most days and it really helps.  40 minutes later or so, closer to home, it was 90.


  1. Yet another reason to stay here suckling at the bosom of the Gulf.

  2. Up here in North Hoosierville - the breeze off the Great Lake helps a little bit, but a good frontal passage can drop things 15 degrees.

    Stay cool!