Friday, July 19, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Fla. Governor Scott MAY Have a Spine

I assume that most of the people who drop by here are not from Florida, so you may not know that most conservatives and even some Stupid party members are not exactly fond of Governor Scott - sometimes called Governor Voldemort.  He has been known to cave to virtually any pressure whatsoever.  So imagine our surprise when we found he may possibly be showing a spine by telling NAACP organized protestors he's not going to initiate repeal of our stand your ground laws.

Governor Scott is on travel "recruiting businesses", and was not at his office when a group of protestors called "Florida's Dream Defenders" decided to occupy his office and demand SYG be repealed. Dream Defenders has been traced as a group funded and organized by groups "(f)rom the socialist-oriented SEIU union to ACORN to Occupy to a litany of George Soros-funded organizations" - and even the US DOJ (remember the reports of how the DOJ's CRS organized many of the original protests).
According to the Palm Beach Post, Scott is not budging. He sent a letter of his own to Florida NAACP President Adora Obi Nweze late Wednesday, informing the group that travel will prohibit him from returning to the capitol on Thursday.

“After holding seven public meetings and considering 16,603 pieces of correspondence and 160 public comments at Task Force meetings, the Task Force concurred with the Stand Your Ground law and I agree,” Scott wrote, according to the paper. “It is also important to note that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was not argued in the Zimmerman case.”
Scott screwed up from the start on this case.  When the Sanford police decided not to arrest Zimmerman that first night, but continue their investigation, he got involved.  More precisely, he caved and rolled over for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the other hustlers.  He's the one who dumped the prosecutor in charge, Norm Wolfinger, and appointed the epically incompetent and corrupt Angela Corey to prosecute Zimmerman.  Even worse, Corey has still been out on the stump saying bad things about Zimmerman and the case, trying to inflame public outrage, and he hasn't throttled or fired her.  Earth to Angela Corey!  When a jury decides that the events in a case have occurred in a particular way or sequence, that's considered the truth.  You may have heard of this "truth" stuff some time before. 

It's encouraging to see signs of a spine developing here, but he has a long way to go.   


  1. I learn so much from reading your posts. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. It's entirely possible he's had a danegeld moment.

    "But I paid, why are they still here?"


  3. Optimist.

    1. Oh, I wouldn't say that. I didn't say he had developed a spine, just that he may be developing one.

      And maybe it's just a bit of notochord...

      We have to reinforce these guys when they do things right. It's like rewarding the puppy when he asks to go out instead of leaving the mess on the floor. How else is he going to know he did the right thing?

  4. I'd be more impressed if he ordered Z's keltec returned...