Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivukah!

Since this year features a rare coinciding of a late Thanksgiving and an early beginning to Chanukah, some enterprising groups have decided to call the day Thanksgivukah - web site by kosher food producer Manishevitz.  We've had our small family Thanksgiving Dinner already.  I put a small turkey (10 pounds) and a duckling into the smoker at 8:30, and they were done by 2:30. Just in time for an early dinner but with no sweet potato latkes (come to think of it, that sounds like it could be good!).  Mrs. Graybeard's wonderful scratch-made pumpkin pie and coffee will follow in an hour or so.  The big dinner will be tomorrow, when we go down to South Florida to visit Mom and the rest of our family.  Mom is under hospice care at home now, so there aren't many chances left for a good get together.

Enjoy your day as best as you can.  It's worth pondering the questions in WSRA's piece The Auxiliary.  The time I've spent lolling around has been reading blogs and watching the coverage of Comet Ison's dive to solar perihelion.  At this point, it sure looks like Ison has disintegrated and we will not be getting the spectacular comet show we've been hoping for.

("Whadda you lookin' at?  What's that long stick in your hands?")  

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