Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Was Thinking More Like Replacing the Timing Belt

In case you haven't seen it, Tam has the post of the week If Schadenfreude had calories I'd weigh 300 pounds.  Go read it and the comments.

A highlight to me was where she said,
"How could this be going so spectacularly wrong?" goes the hand-wringing lament.

How could it not? Seriously! You think a bunch of people can sit down and... Lux Fiat! the rules for how 15% of the economy works in one fell swoop, in what amounts to a giant bong-fueled bull session, and have nothing go wrong? You might as well try to change the spark plugs on your car while the engine's running.
and that's where I thought "spark plugs?  More like changing the timing belt."  On the majority of the cars I've had you actually could pull plugs while it was running with some pain and suffering.  But it's physically impossible to get to the belt, and economically impossible to write a command economy for health care.  But I over think analogies like this.
Tam needs a link from me, even without this one on Facebook, like Donald Trump needs another dollar, but that piece is pure gold.


  1. For some, hard, cold reality isn't just a different country, nor just a different planet; it's a completely different universe, and they are spectacularly unsuited for either travel to or survival in it.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. :)

    (...and, yeah, timing belt is even closer. If not "rebuilding the engine"! ;) )

  3. This is good:

    1. That's just amazing.

      Can't imagine how much guts it takes to try it the first time.