Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Down, One to Go

I finished Mrs. Graybeard's light spinning rod, a project that has taken too long with the other "life" that's been going on.  Did a somewhat subdued diamond wrap above the handle.  Definitely low-key,  not "in your face", just like the owner.  Got two coats of epoxy on it this week, and it's ready to fish.
It's a two piece, currently set with 6 lb. test and a Shimano Stradic reel. 
Now for some good weather and we'll go learn how to fish this!  In the mean time, I have my plug rod to finish.  I put it aside to do this one, since it's basically a spare rod.


  1. Purdy - but iffen ya ain't using dynamite (or some such), are you really fishin' or just spoilin' a good nap? (all due apologies to Mark Twain!) ;-)

  2. Very nice job.It looks professional!
    Do you use a jig?
    I get an Email alert for a website called Homemade tools and by some strange coincidence there was a home made jig on there for tying rods.

    Someone trying to tell me something? I have enough hobbies thank you.

    I'm sure someone with your talents could make this a lot nicer if you don't have one already.

    Once in a while they have some pretty clever tools that people have submitted and sometimes they have tings that look like I made 'em. :(


    1. Thanks for the link to that - it's rather similar to what I used except for how the thread is held. I used several things, from wrapped around the pages of a book, to using the tail stock on my lathe and a hastily put together fixture.

      And yes, we pretty much exclusively fish jigs and lures. Since we started fishing again a couple of years ago, I've only used a real bait once or twice. I tie my own bucktails, which we fish most of the time. These little "sassy shad" plastic baits work pretty well, too.

  3. Looks really nice. Go for the fancy on yours.


  4. Very nice, very girly, just what a wife needs.