Thursday, November 19, 2015

80% Polymer Pistol - Here's A Fun Project

It seems that the good guys at Polymer80 are introducing an 80% "Glock" lower.  Just add a drill press and bit of skill and you have "ghost Glock"  (say that 5 times really fast!)  H/T to ENDO for the lead. 

Of course, they don't actually call it a Glock!  Trademarks and all.  Plus, Gaston would probably have their kneecaps broken.  Instead, they call it the Spectre, as in the Spectre that haunts the dreams of freaks like Kevin De Leon.  So why do I call it a Glock?  Because it can be finished by using standard Glock parts.
This compatibility chart from their web page shows you the options of making one of three calibers from this lower.  Just add the appropriate slide and barrel, and you've got a 9mm, 40 S&W or .357 Sig pistol.  You can make your 9mm  24,  17 or 17L length, after the appropriately named Glock model; likewise you can make your 40S&W 24, 22, or 35 length.  You can make up your list of appropriate parts and go shopping from this chart.

(Standard disclaimer: I get no payback from either Polymer80 or Brownells.  My only relation to Brownells is as a customer who paid my own money for things.  I have no relationship to Polymer 80, although I might just trade some green for some black plastic.)

Personally, I think this is a great idea.  Glocks are so widely used in the market that there's a ton of parts available.  The Glock armorer's class is so widely held, I wouldn't be surprised to find they offer it in the women's ministry where I go to church.  That means there's someone in every town that knows how to strip a Glock to metal bits and rebuild it.  You can probably substitute "group" for "town".  Polymer handguns are old tech these days, and the principles of designing them are pretty well understood.  I've heard Polymer80 had some issues with their first AR lowers, but the company was good as gold and made everything right.  I'd be confident buying one.  Just note this is a sale but also the first lot they'll produce for sale.  They expect to ship late January, so don't expect to put it under the tree.

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