Sunday, November 29, 2015

Modern Day Pilgrims, I Tells Ya

So says the POS POTUS:
From IOwnTheWorld, via a friend's email.

It's amazingly historically naive, but what can you expect from someone who is so obviously not familiar with American culture? 

There are organizations dedicated to helping the persecuted Christian minorities away from Daesh*, and I'd much rather see those people in America than the many refugees we see in Hungary and everywhere else video comes from.  Why?  Tell me how many Christians are in Daesh?   Yeah, zero point zero.   I feel much safer with that population.  Or the Yazidis

*Daesh is a new term being used for the Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL.  They consider it derogatory - which is a good enough reason to use the name for me.


  1. IMHO all the forced muslim immigration is a conspiracy by the UN and left leaning politicians. It is impossible for Marxist/socialist/communist to compete with freedom/democracy/capitalism in the arena of philosophy and ideas. They require a 'crisis' a downtrodden population and a failed government. This unlimited and uncontrolled immigration will give us that and then we will be ripe for a Hugo Chavez, a Castro, a Hillary Clinton...

  2. While I am not a fan of Islam or the Hiraj they are engaging in comparing them to
    the Pilgrims and Puritans isn't a far stretch considering the penchant the latter group had for burning and drowning 'witches' and other 'familiars' of the devil.

  3. The difference, Dan, is that the pilgrims and Puritans stopped doing it over 300 years ago. The muslim scum are still living in the 7th century and believe it is still OK to do this, that women are sub-human and only useful for making babies. Stoning to death, cutting of noses and ears, burning them, genital mutilation and otherwise beating and abusing women is OK, and condoned and/or commanded by the qur'an and hadith.

    Does that show the difference a little more clearly? The world's _real_ religions have grown up, improved their behavior. The muslims are still wallowing in their own filth, with no desire to improve or even co-exist with the rest of the world. They want to drag the rest of the world down to their level. The ones left after they are done killing most of the rest of us infidels.

  4. Graybeard,

    If Obama and Kerry are using this term now (Daesh), it is because it is useful. It no longer reminds people that ISIS is indeed islamic. I think it is a sly and sneaky way for them to deflect people from remembering the islam is the problem.

    I started to use it, too, but upon reading how many of the world leaders have begun using it, I smell a rat. Islamic State or ISIS works better for me.

  5. Religion appeals to people in a very basic and human level. It is not unfair to state that religions and religious beliefs make people do things they would not otherwise do. All of the horrible acts that we see Muslims commit are commanded by their religion. For what ever reason a muslim might live for years as a good citizen and suddenly feel the urge to commit a horrible crime in the name of his religion. It is not uncommon for some (usually atheists) to compare some horrible act from history committed in the name of some religion other than Islam and trot it out as 'proof' of how they are all the same. But what I see today is not that. I know a lot of Christians who consciously decide to act out their religion and give money to the needy or go to another country to build a hospital or school. This is common in the Christian religion that they choose to follow the tenants of their religion and give of themselves to help others. Are there human failures who are Christians? Certainly but their religion didn't command them to commit criminal acts. That is the difference between Christianity and Islam; when a muslim kills infidels he is following the command of his religion where when a Christian volunteers to build a hospital in a poor country he is following the commandments of HIS religion.

  6. Well Reg....whether or not the 'world's religions' have grown up or just become more subtle in their methods of oppression would be a matter of opinion. Often the difference between groups is more matter of degree and methodology than ideology.

    Not defending Islam....just saying that modern 'religions' are not as clean, benign or trustworthy as most think.

  7. Dan:
    I agree modern religions can't be trusted. Christians commonly give of their money and time to help poor people. Crazy huh? But you just can't trust them, because they go to foreign countries and provide free health care and medicine and would you believe it they even feed the starving. Wow! How bad can they get, huh? But seriously, Dan, does that compare with the Islamic religion where their adherents suddenly grab guns or bombs and kill people? You see, Dan, the difference is that the Koran encourages their people to kill and destroy in the name of allah while the Christian religion encourages their people to help the poor and weak and to do good things. But somehow, Dan, you lump them all together and call them all 'unclean'. Why?

  8. Dan,

    I never said the other religions weren't repressive, oppressive, or un-subtle about their manipulation, or completely free of fault in any way. I merely commented - quite accurately, I believe - that islam abuses and kills their women (and rapes their little girls and boys) today. Now. Not three hundred years ago. I left the Catholic Church when I was fourteen, but even though I have no use for them, I recognize that the Inquisition (Protestant burning of "witches, etc.) was long, long ago. Yes, some Catholic priests still molest children (which is horrible, and they should IMHO be subject to a death penalty, along with the bishops and cardinals that look the other way and enable them), but they have stopped killing, burning at the stake, and all the other horrible abuses - as a religious practice - centuries ago. The filthy, sub-human, deserves-to-be-eradicated pretend-religion called islam is doing it TODAY. Just as they have for over 1400 years. I see that as a damn good indication they never will.

  9. The catholic priests appealed to homosexuals ans during the 40's, 50's and 60's a lot of homosexuals went into the priesthood. The molestation of young boys was an inevitable result of that it was not about religion or caused by religion.