Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fun Show Day

It was Fun Show day here in the Silicon Swamp.  First show of the New Year so we had to drop by. 

It was packed.  It looked like peak days all over again, in keeping with the fact that NICS checks just keep setting record after record.  As always, folks were polite to each other and it was possible to make your way around the auditorium.   Well, it was slow to get around. 

No, didn't get anything.  I'm looking for a few things that are hard to find.  First, I want to get my hands on a Ruger Precision Rifle, but still haven't seen one.  I've heard they're almost vaporware and selling as fast as faster than Ruger can make them.  There are stories of being on back order and taking months to get.  I'd also like to find a 1911 that was used, even if it's in rough shape - doesn't even really have to be working - so that I can take it apart and use it as model for building one.  Strangely, I saw that Tam wrote about doing almost exactly the same thing a couple of days ago.    I started out saying that, and Mrs. Graybeard said, "If you're going to buy one, why buy junk?  Just get a good one."  Hard to argue with that, but I didn't find that mythical 1911 that was exactly right.  I could see getting one of these little guys, for one, but I also like these.  There was one of the Springfields at the show, but in 9mm, and if I'm going to get one, it's got to be in God's own caliber.  (Note to 9mm advocates: that's a joke based on J M Browning being referred to as a God of firearms design, and since he designed the original 1911 and the 45 ACP round for it, it must be...)
The Sig 1911.  It is a compact, so there would be that difference. 


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    1. Not really. My Sig P238 is sort of a Micro 1911, but I don't know how closely it's a scaled down 1911 design. Sig doesn't list these on its 1911 page, though.

  2. There is a 1000 table show not far from us next weekend. No, I don't need anything.
    But the enjoyment is offset by the crowds.
    Maybe I will take my wife as a Valentine's Day present?
    Although, I would have thought that putting a new recoil spring in her carry pistol would be enough for any woman. (snicker)
    I bought my Dad a Colt Combat Commander for a nightstand gun in the mid seventies. He was having a lot of bursitis problems in his shooting arm so I got it in 9MM.
    I bought my 1911 from the USS Forrestal's Rod and Gun Club on my second Med cruise in 1975.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your 1911 project.

  3. Other than the recoil spring (and barrel and frame length)slide works the same. There isn't any significant difference from a "real" 1911., just everything like grip and magazine and such are a bit smaller.

    Oh, usually no barrel bushing either. But the trigger, safeties, and such work the same.

    1. Thanks. The controls on my little Sig are just like those on a 1911, but I don't know that everything inside works like one or I'd just use it as my model.

      I really should get familiar with Gun Broker and those online auction sites. Might be a good place to look for a used Rock Island Armory, or one of those cheap 1911 clones.

  4. Look at Fosters Ind. for frame when you are ready. They are the owner of Caspian, and sell over run and blems at reasonable prices when they have them. The blems are usually undetectable.