Sunday, February 21, 2016


Today is my sixth blogiversary.  I do these posts every year (as does virtually everyone) but today works out to be the exact date and day of the week. 
On Sunday, February 21, 2010, I posted a simple little test message ... before going off on a rant about economics, which is actually still pretty good. 
I've put off having a blog for a long time. I suppose I figure you have to be pretty self-centered to think people around the world will be hanging around waiting for your pearls of wisdom.
What will you find here? Like everyone, I will tend to write on the things that interest me. They might be current events, current conditions, technical looks at various electronics topics, ham radio, and making things of various kinds.

I have no idea how long I'll be here, but here's to the ride!
I'm a bit amazed that around a thousand to sometimes 1500 times a day someone reads a page here, and that number has been steady since late 2013.  I'm really rather honored that so many think it's worth stopping by.  So to echo what I said in that first post, here's to the ride!


  1. Congrats!

    I just looked at my profile, and it indicates I started in January, 2009.

  2. Well, happy blogiversary! Personally, I'm darned happy you did decide to start this blog those six years ago...I may only be a recent addition to your regular readership, but I can't wait to delve into the archives in search of knowledge on all things magic! (Magnets, electronics, and radio waves. In other words, "magic" and I shan't be convinced otherwise. Harrumph!) I seem to remember saying that (the can't wait bit) in one of my first comments here...but just because I'm a scatterbrained, undisciplined procrastinator doesn't mean I'm insincere! It just means I'm certifiable. *very big grin* :-P Seriously, God bless you, and congratulations!

  3. Congratulatons SiGraybeard!

  4. Thanks y'all.

    Bibliotheca - look at the dedicated pages in right column, just below the "Florida Carry" badge. The series on Privacy in Radio Communications and Alternative Communications link to some good posts. Or just use the search bar at the top left of the screen for specific search terms. If it's a blog label, like radio, you can click on the list of labels at the bottom of the right column.