Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dude, You Hung the Sign Around Your Own Neck

FBI Director Comey:
You remember.  The guy who made the FBI a laughing stock to so much of America said they weren't weasels; they were honest and fair.
"You can call us wrong, but don't call us weasels," he told the House Judiciary Committee. "We are not weasels, we are honest people and we did this in that way."

He added that the investigation was carried out without giving Clinton special treatment, with the bureau adhering to strict policies while conducting the probe.

"We do not carry water for one side or the other. That's hard for people to see because so much of our country we see things through sides," he said. "We are not on anybody's side. This was done exactly the way you would want it to be done. That said, questions are fair, feedback is fair."
You don't carry water for anyone?  Listen, Director Weasel, I've had those clearances and I don't believe for a nanosecond that I would have been treated like Hillary.  I don't know anyone who has had those clearances who feels they would have been treated that way. 

In your own statement you said "To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions."  If that isn't the definition of unfair, what is? 

You hung the weasel name tag around your own neck.  Don't get mad at us for using it.

I know several people who stop by here have commented that they have or had access to kinds of classified materials that were mishandled. Do you think you would have been treated like Hillary if it had been you? Comments please. I'm already on record here saying I've had such access in the past, and I firmly believe I would not have been treated that gently.


  1. Something that I'd signed for ended up in the wrong hands and I was "not arrested" while they grilled me for the day. Spoiler, it wasn't me who'd leaked.

    But it ruined two whole days of my life and I'm sure if my answers weren't completely satisfying I'd have stayed overnight (or longer) in a cell rather than being let home.

    Watching the differences between how I was questioned and how Hillary was questioned... No, Mr Weasel, you didn't behave in an impartial way at all.

  2. Two examples, both the now-defunct Hughes Aircraft Corp.

    A fellow employee left a padlock open on his file cabinet. Even though we all worked in a secure, guarded building with no windows and no way in except past a guard -- this fellow was immediately stripped of his clearance. He was moved to another position in the company. And left a few months later. The rest of us were required to re-take training. It turned out the guy had NO classified material in his file at the time, but that was not the point.

    Second time. In another facility, we had a prototype system under development. Pilots would come in from time to time and give feedback on what worked, what didn't. The prototype was behind at least 3 secure doors. While engineers were working, a guy dressed in a pilot jump suit knocked on the door, the engineers gave him entry, thinking he was another pilot given the jumpsuit. Nope, security monitor. Three engineers stripped of clearance, transferred to other jobs. More mandatory re-training.

    I never questioned any of this. Hard ass rule, no ifs, ands, or buts. Required to work there - they could check your briefcase. Park in the lot and they could check your car. Don't like that? Don't work there.

    Hillary and all the rest got a pass because of politics and cronyism. Look up Peter Comey, the FBI weasel's brother. Another sell-out. Or HSBC and weasel's connection to the Clinton's. Disgusting.

    Of course, the media is all over Trump and the fat chick.

  3. I had a Secret clearance at both Hughes Aircraft and Boeing. While I never saw any incidents of improper handling of classified documents, we were required to take training in their handling once a year.

    And I'm quite sure that if I had mishandled any of the documents entrusted to my possession, I wouldn't be replying to your question. I would have been tossed into a Federal Pound-Me-In-The-A$$ Prison for 10~20 years.....

  4. Had a secret clearance in the army just to finish training at Ft Huachuca. There was a Clancy movie that showed the antenna farm at Huachuca and I spent a little time in that building to familiarize with crypto machines. To get in was fence, dogs, fence (electrified?) and then into a secure building. Also needed clearance later as an RTO just to have an SOI. The Army was more blunt in security procedures as I think they just fed you to the dogs if you screwed up. Also needed the clearance in RVN to set up radio encryption boxes at the TOC. Was almost glad to just hump a radio in the field as soon as I could get away from the TOC area.

  5. So if you hate all of the good guys, Mark, what does that make you? Don't bother answering that--just don't stand next to me and claim that you're on my side when things break bad, ok?

  6. Wow. This ray of sunshine spews his pig hate all over the place, doesn't he?

  7. i had ts and later sci. i helped units mobilize across the water so i knew troop strengths, disposition, equipment levels etc. awa homeland security. 1)devices- it was a court martial offense to use a private thumb drive in any of our computers. we needed, back then, to move a file across the room to another network but the govt hadn't caught up to technology...2) what's the big deal? hillary leaked the name of an agent in north korea, he was arrested and hung. yet another casualty of hillary incorporated. 3)there ARE people, soldiers, in jail right now that did less with the intent to save lives. comey likes to attribute intent to a statute that doesn't require intent and courts have proven that over and over. comey is a liar, his integrity is a thing of the past, and he should be hung along with the rest of the traitors. he can shove his righteous indignation up his ass......oh, btw. comey was a board member of the foundation when it first started and his brother works for the law firm that set it up and covers for them. conflict of interest much?

    1. I bet that you also had ITAR training as well. Remember that? International Trafficking in Arms Regulations? Every single violation is a separate felony. At least 2500 weapons run to the drug cartels in Mexico. Why do I mention it? ITAR belongs to State. Guess who was SoS during Fast and Furious and Castaway and the rest? That's right! HILLARY! But then I'm sure that BATFE did that without approval from Holder, even though he and Freeh sat in on the regular telecons where F&F was reviewed as it went on. And I have no doubt that Holder was willing to order those ITAR violations without clearing them with Hillary, because after all she is such a shrinking violet that she wouldn't have the guts to complain if he did so. Even though State employees in Mexico were instructed to not discuss F&F with their Mexican counterparts...

    2. "comey likes to attribute intent to a statute that doesn't require intent and courts have proven that over and over."

      I don't know why this isn't being shouted from the rooftops. Intent doesn't matter a whit in what Crooked illary did.

      Yet, just crickets...

  8. I hate the treasonous swill who swore an oath to the Constitution before they pinned on that badge, and then spit on that oath every day and do WHATEVER they are told as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in.

    Suck on, Binky! I understand you prefer your coffee and donuts filtered like that. And don't worry, I ain't about to stand anywhere NEAR you when your pigs start the fun. Stuff it up your Castaway sideways.

  9. Can you believe that FBI Director is a political appointee with a 10 yr term. All Comey is is a lawyer. No law enforcement or FBI background whatsoever. Wouldn't you think, I know I know it makes too much sense, that someone like the Director of the FBI would have come up through the ranks of the FBI?

  10. Yep, anyone doing half of what she did would be breaking rocks in Leavenworth before the trial even happened.

  11. Why don't you try to get some honor for a change?

  12. Hey, Murphy's Law, exactly who are "all of the good guys" of which you speak?

  13. They're probably some of the ones involved in this:
    Jack Crabb. Rove Republicans, one and all.

    No morals.
    No scruples.
    No principles.
    No honor.

    They do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in. Who needs a steenkin' oath of office to the Constitution, anyway? The Elite who sign their paychecks say it doesn't matter. And to the Elite, this country's pigs are indeed the "good guys".

  14. Whoo-ee, Graybeard. Quite the set of comments. I was once in the club (including HAC) and have my own tales ... which proves nothing that hasn't already been said. Just adding more hearsay evidence.

    Nice background photo of ... Florida, is it? May have to move there :)