Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Predict More UFO Sightings

Courtesy of Digital Photography Review, the site I watch for digital camera news, comes a video from a guy who put a 1000 W LED Light Bar on a drone and photographed the results from various perspectives: the ground, the drone itself and another drone above this one.

Worth watching in full screen. 


  1. Cool only begins to describe it. My brain insisted on looping the contact music sequence from Close Encounters.

  2. Drones like this (the affordable commercial drones not military drones) offer incredible possibilities. I saw on the news this week where a drone with camera was used to search for a lost hiker. The terrain was very rough and the drone allowed searching in inaccessible areas. Also the drone had infrared cameras to spot people in brushy areas. Although the hiker was not found the drone did identify 4 or 5 searchers who were lost or on the wrong track and then regular communication was used to update those searchers. But everything we see today is just the tip of the iceberg. The potential for drones is enormous and the benefits to individuals unestimable. I assume because of all this our government will pull out all the stops to prevent use of drones by individual citizens.

    1. I think the FAA haaaates drones about like how the BATFE hates 80% lowers. Maybe the excuses, um, reasons, are different, but the principle is the same: they feel like they don't have complete control over them and they can't stand not being in complete control.

  3. yuk-yuk....

    One of my buddies and I made hot air balloons out of dry cleaning bags, balsa wood sticks, and birthday cake candles. I had a whole bunch of aluminized Mylay, so we cut strips of it to hang down. Yes, the strips were quarter-wavelengths at various frequencies.

    We'd release these on cold, calm Illinois winter nights, and they'd rise pretty fast, and keep going until the candles burned out.

    Eventually we figured out how to "stage" a second set of candles so they'd stay airborne a lot longer.

    When we'd hear "UFO Reports" on the news we'd bust up.

    Ah....the indiscretions of youth.....