Saturday, October 29, 2016

Let Me Tell You a Crazy Theory

I've been thinking about this for a while, and while I'm not sure I believe it, I think it's in the realm of possibility. I thought I'd run it by you. 

Let's start with the Federal Reserve.  While I think they're so bound by their models for Keynesian stimulus programs that their blinders won't let them see any other answers, I don't think they're idiots.  They just don't have words for what they're seeing because it's impossible in their models.  Therefore they have to know that for some reason, their creation of $4 Trillion dollars hasn't really stimulated the economy.  At this point, it has to be dawning on some of them that creating debt to get out of debt isn't a winning strategy.  They have to know on some level that all their lies about the economy being healthy and inflation being nearly zero are just that: lies.  They have to know they're building a house of cards, now taller than the Empire State building, that's going to come down in the slightest breeze.

If untrained lay people like me (and about a zillion others) can see the economies of the west are heading for collapse, they have to be able to see it, too.  So imagine that Yellen or someone from the Fed tells the POTUS that they just can't hold back the flood too much longer, and the dike is going to collapse. 

What if the Democratic Party leaders got together in one of their covens and said, "look, the economy is going to collapse within the next four years.  Let's get the worst candidate the world has ever seen.  The Republicans will win, the collapse will happen, and everyone will blame them.  If they use our argument about everything being Bush's fault and blame it on us, we can get the media to show how stupid that is.  No Republican will ever be elected so much as dog catcher ever again."..."But who can we get that's so bad anyone can beat them"... "Get Shit For Brains Clinton".  I think the leaked DNC memos showed conclusively that the Hildebeest was selected, and it didn't matter what the voters did, with the super delegates and all (as well as the DNC memos getting Seth Rich murdered).  

The Republicans put up a good field of candidates who ran the gamut from the really good, strong constitutional conservative Ted Cruz, to other strong candidates like Rick Perry, Scott Walker and even Carly Fiorina, all the way to a circus clown, um, reality show host.  Said reality show host became the personification of the "F**k all y'all" vote and took everything early.   

We've all seen the pictures of the Trumps and Clintons socializing at some wedding.  Are they really friends or are they the "have your people call my people" kind of friends?  You could make the argument that he ran to help her win, but I'm not going to.  I think he got into it on a lark.  Not that it matters.

I think we're in a weird situation where some elements of the DNC wanted to throw this election and keep their status quo positions in the ruling class.  Donald Trump entered never thinking it would come to this.  Queen of Corruption Clinton is thinking she's the hottest thing to hit a campaign trail since The One Itself and can't figure out why she isn't 50 points ahead.  Trump suddenly sees that he's neck in neck with the establishment and has a real chance to become the most powerful man on Earth. 

To summarize it in a nutshell, the Evil Party tried to throw the election by getting the least liked, least capable candidate they could come up with.  She doesn't know that's why she's there.  The rank and file party, media and the rest don't know that's why she's there.  The Stupid Party's voters are so sick of the party's duplicitousness that they wanted the biggest outsider they could find.  If either of them was clearly better than the other, this would be all over but the shouting. 


  1. So there is going to be this big "Collapse??" OK-Fine....The dollar won't be worth what it is printed on...Gold..Silver... will be just "Baubles""""The only thing left, "Lead, Copper and Brass."....."BUY MORE AMMO!!!!!!!!" ...I'll trade ya' a case of .223 for that .......
    Got Gunz.........OUTLAW!!!!!!!!,
    skybill-out.....for now

  2. You may be right about the race to have the loser be President when the music stops and the economic birds come home to crap all over us, but I thought that was what was happening when the GOPe ran McCain against Ocrap-hereitcomes 8 yrs ago.

    I then would never have believed that the Gov could keep the wheels from coming off this long.

    I think that we are now almost living in the Chinese "interesting times" and I am hoping not to "come to the attention of important people".


    1. I too am surprised that the wheels have not yet fallen off - I think it goes to show the resiliency and hard work of Americans who manage to still succeed when their government is designed to fail.
      I saw one conservative commentator who said he hopes that Hilary wins because he is certain the country will fail apart in the next 4 years and if does it when all 3 branches of government are Republican controlled, he feels it will kill the party. I don't agree, but I see his point and it is worth thinking about.

  3. On the surface that makes sense.

    How is it that these two, out of millions of Americans are what we get?

    I can see the TPTB, the one's behind the scenes that actually run everything, throwing Hillary, unknowing, to the lions.

    She's up there thinking they have her back, meanwhile they want her to choke for the reasons you explained above.

    These "people" aren't dumb, they are nefarious.

    1. One more time:

      Obama - and the rest of the Uniparty swill - cannot tolerate having Hillary be indicted. During her term as SoS, she was in the middle of ALL the treason by this Administration. Here's a partial list, in case you've forgotten:

      Fast and Furious, as well as the rest of similar operations by the other twenty-four BATFE Field Divisions across the country.

      If she is brought to trial, do you REALLY think she will "take one for the team" and "go quietly into the night"???

      Or will she instead perform a public dump of ALL the documentation she has, thereby destroying the Obama Administration and Congress as well?

      If she is indicted, Obama will have one chance for her to have an "unfortunate accident". And he, and the rest of the District of Corruption, do indeed have people to do that. However, many of those are AA specials, with all the knowledge, skills, and abilities so accurately associated with that crowd. On the other hand, if he tries and fails, then the Friends of Bill come into play. And there is not even one AA special in that entire crew.

      By the way, even though they're call Friends of Bill, please understand who wears the pants(suit) in that family...

  4. Cloward and Piven and Alinsky at their finest represented by those who ate what they served. The crush of debt will crash the economy and the country. That has been the game plan all along by these '60s radicals. It is a much different game then that started by creating the Federal Reserve a century ago

    Cloward, Piven, and Alinsky represent the far fringe left, while the progressives of 1913 just wanted to run the show and absorb all of the money that they could. Absolute wealth vs a hatred for the welathy. Funny how the Clintons are millionaires.

  5. In the words of the great Hedley Lamar "mmmmmmmm...too jewish".

    Hillary has been slated for this spot for 8 years, since just after the banking crisis triggered by her hubby's policies, before the Fed knew the effects of helicopter money (supposedly). Add to that the doctrine of "never let a crisis go to waste" and it is clear that no matter what happens they want a commun ... uhhh... democrat as preezy. While it is true that nothing in politics is what it seems to be, I think the simplest answer is best here, and that is the CPUSA / Soros / elite scumbags thought that since they control the propaganda corps they can make the People think whatever they want them to think.

  6. When you watch the movie Titanic you will notice the demeanor of the various people right after they hit the iceberg. Some fully understood the gravity of the situation and knew they couldn't react adversely and went through the motions of doing their job. Most others either didn't believe/know or were in denial. As time progressed there was more understanding and panic and of course the inevitable disaster. IMHO in 2008 The Fed Chair, Mr Bernanke, understood the gravity of the situation and was likely terrified at the prospects. He, along with others, began an effort to "bail the ship" and to push off the inevitable with the hope of (either) buying time until they could fix it all OR kicking the can down the road long enough that they could retire from government, buy a vacation home in some exotic place and be far from the disaster when it happened.

    Those of us who knew from the beginning that the Keynesian efforts would not work but in fact make it all worse are now waiting for the other shoe to drop or as in the movie for that moment when the Titanic goes nose down in the water, hovers for a minute and then slides beneath the waves killing all those who didn't have a lifeboat. Literally! A lifeboat! You did buy silver when it was at it's lows didn't you? You did buy basic food supplies and store them carefully didn't you? You did over time move your assets from banks, IRAs and the stock market and convert it all to something more tangible and fungible didn't you? THAT is your lifeboat. I don't know when this 'sucker' is going to sink but I don't see anyone or anything that can save it.

  7. Count me as a member of the fuk all y'all crowd. Proudly. Loudly. All y'all is why we in the fix we in.

  8. Count me as a member of the fuk all y'all crowd. Proudly. Loudly. All y'all is why we in the fix we in.

  9. "The Republicans put up a good field of candidates who ran the gamut from the really good, strong constitutional conservative Ted Cruz"


    The CONstitutional requirements for president are quite minimal, far far less than that of applying for any non .gov job, apartment rental, drivers license, CCW permit and so forth. Here they are for reference:
    Article II, Section 1 (excerpt)

    "5: No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."

    The salient part for this discussion is "natural born Citizen". You see, Rafael Eduardo Cruz, aka "Ted" is not a natural born citizen - never was nor will be. it is exceedingly doubtful he is a US citizen. Of the US that is. That he is a natural born citizen of Canada is not in dispute.

    I must wonder what part of "really good, strong constitutional conservative" is apparent to some?

    "They have to know on some level that all their lies about the economy being healthy and inflation being nearly zero are just that: lies. "

    Of course they do. The problem is that many are attributing good intent to their obviously evil actions, ie: if Stalin only knew


    1. Umm... that's not what "constitutional conservative" means. The term is never used that way. Pages and pages have been written defining it, but in this limited space I'll say people who have demonstrated a commitment to the principles of the constitution as written. In brief, rights come from God (or from our very existence if you prefer), not government, and the constitution was written to protect the people from the government. Of course, there's more.

      Like all terms, it has been co-opted by people who redefine it to be a slur and attribute beliefs to constitutional conservatives that they would abhor.

      It has nothing to do with being qualified to run for president. One might call a British MP or Israeli Knesset member constitutional conservatives, for instance. Daniel Hannan comes to mind, who seems to know more about our history and founding documents than both candidates.