Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Test Box Works First Time

Well, a wire pulled loose while I was moving it from the work bench to where I tested it, but once I put that back it worked perfectly as designed.  Time to celebrate another little milestone. 

Here's a quick shot of it on the bench where I've been building it, followed by a look inside.
A better look inside.
The sharp eyed will find the loose controller cable for the to-be-added fourth axis, and a connector on the back panel for it.  Here's the obligatory video of the motors moving.  Left to right: X, Y, Z. 

The very end of the video shows me pushing the Big Red Stop Right F***in' Now button, then showing the motors not moving then doing a clumsy camera pan over to the computer to show Mach3 responding with "Hey, you told me to stop".

The box and cables are a little ragged looking and I should clean that up a little.  Mrs. Graybeard suggested a plexiglass top so we can look in and "watschen das blinkenlights".  I haven't made that, but it's lower priority.  After a few little cleanups, it's on to taking the mill apart and rebuilding it as a CNC mill!


  1. It's ALIIIIIVE!!!

    Nice work. What's all the "bumpity bump" noise between motor activity?

    1. They're high torque motors (570 in-oz) on a system that isn't tuned for them, so when they accelerate they actually jump off the table.

    2. OK, I wasn't watching the video close enough to see them jumping around.

  2. Major milestone!
    The local big boxes sell shatter resistant plastics for windows, and they might even cut it for you. Not sure of the details.