Tuesday, November 6, 2018

My First Florida Man Story

I'm pretty sure.  Most of the time I remember things and can't find them; tonight I don't remember and can't find evidence. 

A Florida man, from my city, Melbourne, was arrested for threatening to blow up the Supervisor of Elections office
A Melbourne man said he was fed up with political robocalls, prompting him to call the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections and threaten to blow up its office Monday, according to his affidavit.
What makes this a Florida man story is that the supervisor of elections has absolutely nothing to do with regulating or controlling robocalls or the mailings the candidates do.

Well, that plus this:
"During the call, Mr. Chen identified himself by name and even gave his phone number," the Sheriff's Office said.
Blink.  Blink.

I gotta tell you; all disclaimers about violence and bombing offices aside, I kinda see his point.  I'd like to be rid of the robocalls, too.  Thankfully, we will be tonight. 

The other day there was a story that Alec Baldwin punched out a guy over a parking space.  Again, all disclaimers aside, part of me said, "two guys fighting over a parking place in NYFC?  Why is this even news?"  This Florida man story is the same sort of story. 


  1. Baldwin was news because he assaulted the other guy, and was let off on his own recognizance and barely a hand slap. Which is unusual in that it made national news in spite of the fact that he is one of them.

    Just goes once again to show how great our "Law Enforcement" and the "Legal" system they enable so truly are.

  2. "the supervisor of elections has absolutely nothing to do with regulating or controlling robocalls"

    Nor does a polling place do anything other than facilitate voting- a fact we could not get into a confused citizen's head when she demanded, DEMANDED, we issue her a business license when she came in to vote.

    Then there was the former poll worker (an attorney!) who kept on bringing her definitely-not-a-service-dog into the polling place "to share with us" despite being threatened with expulsion.

    And my drunk neighbor with his mother's driver's license wanting to vote in her place "cuz it's too much trouble for her". They lived about 1,000 feet away from the polling place.

    And the guy trying to fit through the six inch opening in the window because the polling place was "a shortcut to his room".

    My fav was the woman with an anti-theft tag on her DL who was trying to vote in the wrong precinct. In the wrong city.

    I'm not a poll worker anymore...

    1. Sounds like there must be a ton of good stories down that subject line!

      Feel free to add more.